Lose Ten Pounds in Ten Seconds!

That got your attention, didn't it?

And actually, what I'm about to tell you can do just that . . . IF YOU PAY ATTENTION!

Remember those days of schlumping on the couch watching the Bugs Bunny cartoons?

But then, we countered the effect by playing outside, and at my house, not having excessive amounts of food.

Well, those times have changed with the advent of computers, video gaming systems, and high-fat, high-carb diet. In fact, there's a whole new job classification called ergonomics that address this issue in the workplace.

Pretty soon, humans devolved to look like this:

bad posture cartoon 300x287 bad posture cartoon
Courtesy of CartoonChurch.com and Dave Walker
And if you're the typical American, add between 30-70 pounds per person in this cartoon. 
So how do we return to looking like this

oImage result for swimmersor this

Well, okay, most of us won't ever look like the people in either of these picture.

Let's get real.

BUT you can improve your image, lose weight, gain self-confidence and improve your attitude in less than ten seconds by do a couple of simple things.

1) Stretch your entire body--unless the government approves the Medieval rack torture device into a viable heightening machine, I won't grow beyond my 5'1" height--and that's if my hair isn't squished down. I'm in my 50's so all I can look forward to is shrinking more due to normal aging spinal compression.

So how do you stretch your body?

It's easy to do. Pretend a string is coming out of the top of your head to lift you up. Now, let's focus on the pieces involved, starting with your head.

No, don't tilt your head back, lift it up. Be proud. Be confident.

Don't jut your chin forward. You look like a chicken looking for food. Your neck should be relatively straight up and down, not angled forward.

There you go. Your chin is level with the ground. And, hey, you only have one double chin, not two! Good for you!

Shoulders should be back and down. When you stretch up, the tendency is to lift your shoulders--DROP THEM. Do a small shoulder roll toward the back. When you do this, you should feel your shoulder blades in the middle of your back. This movement places your upper body over your pelvis where is should be along with your arms at your sides.

This should have also gotten rid of that computer hump on your upper back. Keep working at it. You'll get it.

Breath deep. Stretch tall. Shoulders back. . . hey, your stomach is flatter! Lookie there! Simply improving your posture pulled your stomach into place with all your guts sitting in your pelvic cradle where it's supposed to be!

Now we're looking good!

Watch yourself in the mirror when you start this technique. Normal, slumpy-dumpy, depressed, brow-beaten, hang-dog you instantly changes into a supremely confident, taller and more fit version of you.

Voila! Ten pounds lighter!

Now, comes the hard part.

2) Do this ALL the time--when you sit. When you stand. When you walk. When you drive your car. ALL THE TIME.

Eventually, it will become second nature.

All it takes is a little bit of practice to look and feel better.

Later, Peeps!

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