Happiness is . . .

Being the best ME I can possibly be.
So many people go through life unhappy.
I'm too fat.
I'm too short.
I'm too ugly.
My nose is too big.
Heck, there are a couple of industries (plastic surgeons, to name the main one) that prey upon the population who thinks 'fixing' stuff will make them happy.
In case, you wondered, IT DOESN'T.
Happiness has to come from inside yourself.
Other people can't make you happy. And it isn't your job to make others happy. Oh, your new positive attitude might help make others happy, but don't take it personally if you're shot down or called a Pollyanna.
So how does one become happy?
It really isn't hard.
All you have to do is focus on the positive things in your life. Reduce the negativity in your own thoughts, words, and around you.
I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "One bad apple will ruin the whole bushel." Well, there's a reason, it's sage advice . . . because it's true.
Have you ever people watched a group trash-talking their spouses? Or making mean comments about various people? Yes, I have to say that women tend to be the worst instigators of this.
Negativity breeds negativity.
So how does one become HAPPY?
The first step is to try to remove outside negativity. If you have a friend that tends to be negative or causes you to stress out every time you see her, then you need to distance yourself from this person. Remove them from your contacts. Block them on your texts. Hide their Facebook messages, or even unfriend them.
YOU DO NOT OWE THEM A REASON. You need to worry about your mental health and happiness. Do not allow them to undo the positivity your are sowing by opening the mental door to allow them back in.
The second step is to try to change your own mindset. If you are unhappy in your job or school, then find the positive things at your job or school to keep from dwelling on the negative aspects.
Perhaps you don't like a particular teacher's teaching style? Just try to figure out what they want from you as a student and provide that . . . And get a calendar to count down the days that you have to deal with this particular teacher.
Now, it's time to look inward and meditate over what aspects of your life that make you happy.
Focus on the simple things.
Here are a couple of things that make me happy: walking, making candy, my rose garden, gardening, crocheting, reading, writing, and when I was able to ride--my horse.
When I'm walking I enjoy nature around me. The sound of birds, the burble of the creek, the wind through the trees . . . just nature in general.
Gardening is back-breaking labor, but I can reap the reward of enjoying my backyard oasis.
Making candy is also back-breaking, but it makes me happy making others happy when they eat it. Erm, I wished more people would stroke my ego by telling me how good it is, but I can't have everything, right?
And the list goes on . . .
An interesting change happens when you become happy--more people want to hang with you, your self-confidence sky rockets, your visage and posture change reflecting your inner happiness.
You discover that all those things you hated about yourself don't really matter any longer. You start caring about your health, which in turn, allows you to lose weight. You start exercising because it makes you happy, not because you have to.
And just like negativity breeds negativity, the opposite is also true.
Positivity breeds positivity, which is the secret to happiness.
Think about it.

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