Weighty Wednesday -- Hard Work Pays Off

I've been absent from Wednesday blogging for quite awhile as I feel that I've already said everything that needs to be said about losing weight.

I have.

But the interesting takeaway is that, for some reason, I have to keep relearning those same lessons over and over and . . . over again!

Last week I had a large weight gain +2.6 pounds. I knew it was a fluke number because of a few things I had eaten in the previous couple of days--pizza with pepperoni and prosciutto (sodium anyone??) and pancakes (flour makes me retain water).

I also knew that even though I suspected it was a fluke number, I really needed to focus this week.

I did.

And had a weight loss of -3.4 pounds.

Bringing me to within 7 pounds of my goal weight. Though my goal is to reach my goal weight by the end of school (5 weeks away! Eek!), I would actually like to get to the weight that is on my driver's license, 120 pounds. While this seems like a huge challenge, another 20 pounds, it really isn't too low of a weight for my height. Actually, it's right in the middle of my recommended weight range.

Another interesting thing that I learned about myself, I'm okay if I stay at the top of my weight range.

I look good. I feel good. And I'm old. I don't want to denying myself just to get to the "right" weight for my height. That's just crazy.

Want to know something else that's interesting?

Now that summer is here, it's short season. I have shorts that are sizes 4, 6, 8 AND 10 that all fit me the same way. In fact, some of my size 6 shorts, I've had to safety pin them because they are too large!

Remember, clothes sizes are just numbers, and no two designer/manufacturers use the same number system.

Get to a healthy weight where you feel good and look good.

Clothes sizes are a guideline. Don't get your nose out of joint because of a size. It's just a number.

Time for walkies!

Later, Peeps!

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