Weighty Wednesday -- Chart the Big Picture

I should have posted last week, but by the time I thought about it, it was Friday!

Last week, I had a nice weight loss of 1.2 pounds, but managed to derail myself this week by a gain of 1.4 pounds. With a net gain of 0.2 pounds.

That's what happens when one purchases a bag of Bunny Bait trail mix and consumes the entire bag the day before weigh-in! Yeah, it's that good.

See? I am human. I do make mistakes. But the key is to 'fess up to those mistakes! AND not let them effect you the rest of the day/week/year/lifetime.

I erred. You will err. It happens. Get over it. And don't let it cloud your judgment and food choices for the rest of the day.

I just need to work on the timing of my naughtiness. The day AFTER weigh-in would have been preferable, but no, I had to go grocery shopping on Monday. Oh well.

Though I had a hiccup in my weight loss journey. That is all it was . . . a hiccup.

* I tried to copy my weight loss chart (documented since June 2011) from Weight Watchers, but they have it encrypted so I'm not able to copy it to show you. Even when I printed it, a pull down was inserted on top of the chart so I couldn't print it, scan it to my email, to put on my computer to clip and paste it here. Even with the pull down, I decided to share it anyway.*

Fact one: It has been over a year since I have weighed this low. No, I'm not at my goal weight, but it is a huge accomplishment.

Fact two: Even with hiccups in our weight loss journey, don't let a hiccup become the trend.

Fact three: Though I'm doing Simply Filling and only really need to document any food that would cost me weekly points. I found out that I need to document EVERYTHING.

Fact four: Prior to starting my weight loss journey in 2011, I had been at this current weight for a very, very long time. Plateaus happen. They happen for a reason. When they do, you need to shake it up.

Fact five: I've been very focused for over ten weeks, which means I've become complacent. Don't allow ennui to sabotage you. Recommit mentally.

The one thing to remember that what we see as setbacks might simply be a blip in the war to get to a healthy weight.

Later, Peeps!

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