Weighty Wednesday -- Breathing a Deep Sigh

True confessions here.

Last week after weigh-in, I had some not so good days. Hubby was out of town and I simply had not gained control over my foodie urges. Let's just say Fritos, raw cookie dough and queso were involved.

Not at the same time, or the same day, but the consequences were the same.

When I weighed myself at home on Saturday, I had managed to undo any good that I had done the previous two weeks.

Yeah, not my proudest moment.

So I did the only thing I could do--I changed my Weight Watcher technique from tracking points plus values to Simply Filling.

Two days later, and I feel so in control it isn't even funny.

Why does this technique work for me?

I think because it is restrictive with your food choices.

Here's the deal. When you follow Simply Filling, you don't have to weigh or measure your food. You simply choose Power Foods to keep you satisfied throughout the day. If you eat Power Foods all day, you will notice that you can mark off all your healthy checks for the day, plus you stay satisfied.

In essence, it does keep you from eating non-essential carbs in the form of sugar and flour. You can have whole grain products, but regular grain products will cost you. For example, one cup of brown rice is a power food worth zero points, while one cup of white rice will cost you 5 points out of your weekly points.

Lean meats are always good, but while they are power foods, Weight Watchers also has them listed with their recommended serving size, usually 3-4 ounces. Yes, I can eat a pound of lean chicken, but then again, would I want to? Er, no.

I do take it a step further and actually weigh and measure my food. I do this simply to train my 'eye' for the appropriate quantities for someone of my size. Yes, I can eat a tub of plain Fat Free Greek yogurt, but do I really want to? No.

Just because the Simply Filling technique narrows your food choices down, it doesn't mean I can't eat that piece of pepperoni pizza that's calling my name, or put real fat salad dressing on my lettuce, or use cream in my coffee.

I can.

But there's a price.

The price is in the form of my 49 weekly points. I can easily use up seven of those points on a daily basis even following Simply Filling.

One glass of wine, 5 ounces will eat up 4 points. See? It isn't hard.

So the reason I love the simply filling technique is because it forces me to take control of my food. The choices are fairly restrictive, but I don't feel 'caged' by my food choices.

I wrote this blog on Monday, but I'm setting it to post on Wednesday, which means I hope I have something positive to report from my Tuesday weigh-in.

Addendum: I lost 0.4 pounds. YAY! In other words, I lost the weight I gained last week, plus some!

But here's the deal. Even if I don't have anything positive to report, I still feel Simply Filling the best choice for me.

If weighing and measuring and counting points is frustrating you, or you are on a plateau, then give Simply Filling a shot.

What's there to lose?

Later, Peeps!

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