New Year, New Attitude

Wow. One of my objectives for the new year is to be more timely with my blog posts.

Well . . . I'm not doing very well since I had every intention of writing and posting this blog on MONDAY.

Okay, no time to beat myself up. I have too much too do.

There are numerous goals that I've written down for this year, and I decided to clump them under topic.

Health--is on the top of the list. This one required my recommitment to Weight Watchers. This isn't to say that I haven't belonged to WW, because I have been an active member since 2011. Heck, I've even been attending the meetings while I've been gaining weight. There is one key item that I have in my corner this time around--my family. My hubby joined WW and is doing it online. His newness to the system has helped me be very aware of portions and points during this early phase of weight loss. This has also sparked my enthusiasm for getting healthy.

To this end, I managed to lose one pound this last week. That number doesn't really reflect the work I put in, but I know how ambiguous the weight game can be. For all I know its because I managed to eat something high in sodium the previous day, which caused me to retain water. So take it as a number, and don't freak out over the unexpected number.

I have started walking again, but the frigid cold weather and my gimpy knee have made this a non-regular event. I'll be working it in.

Family--as a member of the 'sandwich' generation, I need to nurture both my mother and my daughter, and making time for both of them...and my hubby. We can't forget the man in my life!

Writing--    For Christmas, I asked for Scrivener software, and hubs installed it on my computer. Now, it’s my job to learn it and use it. I have also started using a calendar on my computer again. This will be used to format my monthly goals, along with posting my daily words, or a note to explain why I didn't accomplish anything. Usually this is due to errands or my daughter being home from school. To that end, I want to:

o   It’s time for a major rewrite of GNOME. I know this seems like I’m going backward, but I think this story needs an overhaul before I publish it in print form—and that is my goal for this year. Sales on MG ebooks—at least mine--are non-existent. Oh, I’ve given away copies, but it is as I feared three years ago---there are so many books out there that it’s difficult for anyone to find you. This is especially true for me since I tend to hang around romance writers, and not children’s writers, therefore no cross-referencing. The frustrating part is that many ‘MG’ stories aren’t really MG, but the author has figured out some way to cross-reference their stuff through numerous genres.

o   I love blogging, and I want to still do that, but it does suck some creative energy from a writer. I took an off-and-on hiatus starting last June, but I do want to return to regularly blogging about stuff.

o   Finish book 4 in the Goblin’s Apprentice series. Yes, I’m still stalled on book 4. I’m about half way through, but still stalled. I’m hoping that revisiting the first book will help get me back into that world.
And maybe write a story that I started about seven years ago. All I have is two pages and some notes, but I'm excited about the idea.
Social Media--I need to make a point to limit my time on social media, namely Facebook. Television is also one of my problems. A timer will work--since it will work to complete my writing goals.
Read--I plan to read ...a lot. Last year, I managed to read over 60 books and this year I'd like to read between 40-50 books.
Candy--        I have made some pretty damn impressive candy. I’ve made 28 different fillings for my filled chocolates, three new ones this year – lavender honey, Earl Grey, and Creamy stout (yes, from beer). And one new caramel—maple bacon caramel—for a total of nine types of caramel. And all the other stuff (toffee, turtles, fudge, pongos, peanut brittle, reindeer poop, polar bear poop, and now, pecan pralines), but I wish I could figure out a way to make this a money-making proposition. I will be investigating through my local chamber of commerce to see if it is feasible to sell it.---And it isn't feasible since the law says you have to work out of commercial kitchen that isn't in your home. *sad face* Oh, well.
I also need to clean up my recipe folders, document all my candy stuff, update my blog and adding links to everything!
So this is a rough list of my goals. Let's hope my new attitude washes over everything I attempt this year!
Later, Peeps!


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