Bathroom #2 finished

Hubs has been very, very busy this fall--especially yesterday.

All of us cleaned house. It's family time. It's what we do.

Hubs finished touching up one wall in our bathroom. He put everything up in my daughter's finished bathroom (or maybe he did that the previous night, I can't remember anymore). He cleaned my dryer vent (16 feet long with two right angle turns--we have a special tool--it's awesome). He shut down and covered the pool (with help). Watched our daughter mow the lawn (excellent job!). Washed his car. Put up the pool stuff. Blew out the garage.  Weedwhacked and edged the yard (right now, the daughter just mows).

Sorry, ladies, he's mine! You can't have him, but I might let you borrow him . . . we'll discuss over glass of wine.

And yes, I did stuff, too. I washed, folded and ironed three loads of laundry, helped with the pool (skimming leaves, unscrewing bolts to hold the cover on, pulled the cover into place), cooked him a chicken pot pie for lunch (I had leftover filling from making biscuit popovers). Made an Orange Crush cake from Pioneer Woman (Total fail. Well, not total. Good flavor. Very moist. It just came out of the pan in pieces. And her recipe made way too much icing, which the cake didn't need!). And I made a new chili recipe, adapted from a local place called St. Michael's Alley--will post on Friday.

This bathroom is very long with two individual sinks separated by a large closet. So here's bathroom #2's before:

We had already changed out the light fixtures and the faucets (generic stainless boring things)

And as I mentioned with the master bath, hubs had removed the carpet and added tile floors . . . of course, I had to have them on an angle to add more interest to the room . . . and cause him more grief with all the angle cuts.

And here's the AFTER, we still have to find a few decorations to perk up the d├ęcor.
Hubs again added crown molding to the ceiling edge. He had a lot of angles, but he's getting better and better at it. For both the finished bathrooms he will be making a cornice piece for over the windows. This shower curtain we found at J. C. Penney's Home store. The silver trees just complimented the dark blue-gray walls. The wall color was from Kelly-Moore paints and was called Feather Falls

Okay, and now my cursor refuses to click to the left margin. Thanks, Blogger!
I'll post the chili recipe on Friday's blog.
Later, Peeps! 


Meg said...

Love it! Hubs is a magician!!

Kara Marks said...

Very nice! S9unds like you got a gem, but then, so did he! You guys are passing on the "hard work" gene to your daughter too--kudos. I love what you guys are doing on the house, too.