Weighty Wednesday--Fit Bit Scales

Through an odd string of incidences my BIL had a second set of Fitbit Scales, so he gave it to us since he knew we were a Fitbit family.

It is a VERY nice gift!
There are two features that make this scale better than the digital scale we had been using.

1) the round area showing the digital numbers backlights when you get on the scale. I LOVE this feature! I prefer to weigh first thing in the morning and it tends to be dark when I get up, so I would have to use a flashlight to see the number.

2) this scale knows who you are. When the scale is set up your information from your Fitbit is linked to the scale, which means every time you step on the scale and it records your information, it sends that information to your Fitbit stats page.

If you set a weight goal (I did), it will tell you how many pounds to go, and it also gives you a calculated BMI (NOT a number I was happy to look at!). All this information is at the touch of the computer when you look up your sleep patterns, number of steps, number of miles and how many of those steps were truly active.

All-in-all this scale is a very nice and handy tool to have in the bathroom. But the key to any weight-loss tool is to actually use it.

I think I will since I tend to be a very visual person. The graph is exactly what I need to keep me focused!

Later, Peeps!

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