The Dog Days of Summer are upon us.
The heat makes us lethargic, stuck inside the house to keep cool. You've already seen all the summer movies. You've been to the mall more times this last month than you did while shopping for Christmas presents.
And last but not least, the kids are driving you bonkers. School is just around the corner and it can't get here quick enough to save your sanity.
Which makes it time for some free books!
During the week of August 4-8, 2014, I am offering all my Goblin Apprentice books for FREE!
The books are for ages 7-15. Yes, I've had readers as young as seven and as old as fifteen read these stories. If your kids are on the younger end of the range, then you might want to start with the books on the bottom as they lean more toward the chapter book length and style.
The book covers will take you to my Amazon page, where you can individually download each book, or you can click the books on the right side of my blog.
Be sure to check that the Kindle book is free, and not just the Kindle unlimited notation.
Please feel free to spread the word, share the link on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ as I will be out of pocket this week.
May the stories keep the little monsters occupied until it's time to buy school supplies!
Later, Peeps!

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