New Kitchen Gadget

A few days ago we after we ate at P. F. Chang's in Utica Square, we wandered through Williams-Sonoma. For those of you who haven't heard of Williams-Sonoma, you have been either A) living under a rock, or B) from a different country, but I digress. To say Williams-Sonoma is simply a "kitchen" store would be doing it a disservice, but for the sake of this blog that is what it is.

So along with vanilla extract and vanilla paste (trust me, you want both in your pantry!) We purchased a tomato corer. Personally, I have a way of dealing, or not dealing with the 'core' of the tomato, but it really bothers the hubster, so he had to have this gadget.

This is how it works, as demonstrated via pictures with my darling daughter as a hand model . . . er, ignore the chipped blue fingernails . . .

tomato corer
Press the green top in that opens the 'jaws'.
 Now, does this, or does this not remind you of virtually every evil Sci-Fi critter ever invented? Serrated teeth and four mandibles? Or is my brain just warped in that way??

Vine ripe tomato

Press top in, jam jaws into tomato

See dog under my computer desk watching . . .

Twist and pull
 And there you have it. The newest gadget in the Golla household. There were also strawberry hullers designed the same way, but slightly smaller and colored. . .  you got it, strawberry red.

Later, Peeps!


Cynthia D'Alba said...

I think I need that! I hate the core

MEg said...

Bwahaha! I love gadgets!