Weighty Wednesday-- I AM the Queen of Justification

I have had serious issues over the last eight months with my weight. I would simply justified my my weight gain, my lack of point counting, my ability to eat more carbs than any person should, etc.

I managed to eat my way 18 pound heavier than my goal weight. No, it wasn't the ugly weight I was previously at, but it is still too much for my height to carry easily.

So, I refocused.

It also helped that I was unable to drink any alcoholic beverages for about 10 days due to some meds I was taking.

--I find it interesting that enjoying certain items--alcohol, bread, easily digestible foods, etc. seems to make you crave more of the same, which in turn, makes you eat more. Wonder if it's due to those darn flavorists??

Anyway, in the past when I was on plateau, I discovered the Simply Filling technique. Using this method helped me lose those first 50 pounds. If I focused, I knew I would lose this newly added weight.

Well, my friends, I managed to lose 4.8 pounds this last week!

And before you take a breath and say that it's just water weight, or I'm losing too quickly, or whatever. Let me just say that I worked HARD to lose this weight and I will NOT let anyone belittle my efforts!

I walked at least 4 miles a day, but on five of those days, I also walked in the evening with my hubby, at least 2 miles. And when I say walk, I mean WALK. Strolling is not in my vocabulary. In fact, on Monday, my daughter missed her early outdoor swim practice due to rain and she couldn't keep up with me. She would lag behind and have to jog past me, then I would catch up with her, she'd lag behind and jog past me. Lather, rinse, repeat.

In other words, I kicked her booty when we walk. This is the ONLY advantage I have over this kid. Heck, I even lose that advantage when we go to theme parks because my hubby and kidlet focus on rides and leave me in the dust--I have little short legs, while they simply open their normal stride.

When I do WW Simply Filling, I have to break it down into the very simple and basic of food. I have to be very, very strict to force me NOT to fudge the 'points', because with simply filling you don't count points. And when you do eat something with points, it's easy to keep track of them, since I still get the 49 extra weekly points.

But that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy some nummy food last week. Yes, I had 0% FF Greek yogurt with fresh fruit for breakfast, sometimes with a hard boiled egg--0 points if I pop out the yolk and don't eat it. 2 points if I eat it. I also drank my coffee with a tablespoon full of cream (1 point).

Most lunches consisted of Fat Free cottage cheese and a tomato, but it filled me up! Love love love this lunch. It's weird, but I do.

My snacks were baby carrots, an apple (sliced--there's something about the ability to consume the 'entire' thing), mini bag of popcorn, or even a small 3-point serving of almonds.

Dinners were smoothies for the most part, but don't think I denied myself, I didn't. One meal was a homemade hamburger (bun included!) and fresh corn.

Another meal was a small serving of sausage tortellini with my homemade marinara sauce and a large Caesar salad.

Or on date night, I had a pistachio-crusted Chilean sea bass, with 3 scallops dripping in a lemon butter sauce, one slice of rosemary bread, olive tapenade, and 2/3 of a beer (I couldn't finish it!)

So, while I might be the queen of justification, this queen has faced the devil weight and will force him to go down in flames . . .

Because, my friends, I have my weight-loss mojo back and I'm here to make a difference.

Later, Peeps!

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