Weighty Wednesday -- Figuring it out . . . Again

I managed to stay the same weight at this week's weigh-in! YAY! 

One of the disadvantages of having a big weight loss one week is the chance that you might rebound and GAIN weight the next week. This has happened to me on more occasions than I care to admit. Staying the same is perfect. Now I have a focus to lose before next week's weigh in.

This last week was fairly challenging in all aspects, but the fact that I managed to keep status quo on my weight and sanity is definitely a plus.

A reminder--This blog will remain sporadic over the summer until school starts on August 14. 

With getting up at 5 to get my daughter across town to a 50 meter pool to swim for 2.5 hours (I walk during this time), doctor's appointments, and then swim in the afternoon for 2.5 hours (I sit and watch Judge Judy). I'm busy chauffeuring the kidlet all over the place!

And to top it all off, we found out that the kidlet needs braces. This was a bit of a shocker because when you look at her smile her teeth are perfectly straight. Well, it turns out that her upper jaw is narrower than her lower jaw, resulting in what is called a cross-bite, which means her back teeth don't really close. This has caused her some pain, so we checked it out. Now there are numerous orthodontist appointments added to the queue for the summer.

In my world, summer has very little structure, which can cause a huge impact with one's ability to lose weight. Movies mean popcorn. Hanging at the house might cause grazing the pantry. Doctor's appointments might mean a quick detour to the local Starbucks for a frappa-lappa-ding-dong coffee.

On the plus side, there are more fresh fruits and veggies available, and grilling proteins tends to be lower in calories than casseroles, stews, and soups.

And then there are the vacations or staycations. I've already pointed out the grazing issue if you happen to spend vacation time on the home front, but don't forget the adult beverages that add a gazillion calories to your day.

If you go away on vacation, it gives you a chance to try new foods, enjoy frou-frou cocktails you would never have at home, or simply snack more because it's available. BUT there is usually more activity in the form of sighseeing, playing on the beach, or walking around an amusement park.

So how do you need to approach the unstructured summer?

With a plan!

  • One--you know that the summer is crazy, so take that into account when you think about your daily meals.
  • Two--only on the rare occasion will the whole day go craptastically. Usually you know what is going to happen: doctor's appointments, library day, free movies, window shopping at the mall, etc.

  • Take my yesterday, for example: 5 AM get up to take kidlet to swim. . . .actually 5:12--because kidlet and I slept through the alarm. 5:30--leave house. 6--kidlet swims and I walk. 8:40 --head home. I have 40 minutes to shower and get a package to the post office, and then to my 10:00 Weight Watcher meeting. 10:16 -- leave WW to go home to pick kidlet up. 10:30--Both of us have a hair appointment--cut and color for me, highlights and cut for her. 12:45--Pick up kidlet's friend to go to mall. Eat at mall (grilled chicken wrap from Chik-fil-A). Hang at mall for a couple of hours. Bring friend home. She stays for dinner . . .must plan a meal for dinner. Originally hubs and I would have gone for a walk and had a smoothie for dinner, but not any longer. Cook burgers on the grill, in which I proceeded to burn my arm on the hot grill lid (don't ask). Though the day hadn't gone as I had planned. I still had a plan in place. If I had eaten poorly at lunch, I think I would have over eaten at dinner. 

  • Three--plan for the unexpected. You know what your day will entail, even if it is simply "go to the library". The key is to think your day through before you start to know how you are going to attack it. If you'll be in the car for a long time, take a mini-snack to tide you over. 
Vacation is different, but also the same. If you do manage to go on vacation, then you are already making daily plans. You don't have to eat out at every meal, or go nuts with the selections. Go to the store and stock up on yogurt, or fruit, or healthy snacks. 

If you do eat out at every meal, don't make all of them point-heavy. Pick an appetizer for your meal. Eat a salad (but watch out for those 'hidden' WW points--bacon, cheese crumbles, pre-dressed salad, etc). Ask for a half plate. Share your meal. Take some home, if you can, for another meal. 

And remember, that it's OKAY to leave food on your plate. This is a biggie for me. In a world where every meal is super-sized, we feel like we should clean our plate. That was the way we were raised, but that was also a time when serving sizes were more appropriately portioned. Many times restaurants serve meals that are 2-3 times LARGER than a 'normal' serving. 

Don't get caught in the hype. You don't have to finish it. Yes, it's a waste of food and money, and there will always be starving children, but you eating all the food on your plate won't help them. 

Later, Peeps!

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