Weighty Wednesday--I Got This

It has been a long time since I wrote a Weighty Wednesday blog post. Most of my gems of wisdom are posted under the Weighty Wednesday tab. Click there to find anything and everything I've posted on the topic of weight loss from dealing to exercise to cravings to plateaus.

Weight loss journey is constant, because once you've reached goal then you have to maintain, which is in essence, a plateau . I've gained weight. I'm striving to return to my goal weight.

As much as I want to get to goal weight again, I haven't had the motivation to try.

I've grown complacent, comfortable, and fat-and-happy in my padded flesh.

Three things have happened recently that have spurred me back into weight-loss mode.

  1. I'm taking a course of antibiotics that seriously stress--NO ALCOHOL or any food that might contain alcohol. 
  2. My daughter is away at swim camp.
  3. I put on my bikini--no, I don't wear it in public, but I want to look good in private!
After we dropped our daughter off at camp, my hubby and I had 4 hours to discuss this coming week. We decided to make a point of walking every evening (This goal failed last night as it decided to rain, so he fixed the toilet.) If we eat dinner, then it will be something simple, like salad with grilled chicken.

  1. I will say that I enjoy an adult beverage, but will admit that the 'occasional' glass of wine, ounce of liqueur, or beer had become more than occasional. So with the horrible side effects stated on my medicine, I decided to cut out any and all alcohol. Once the habit is broken, then it is easier to keep it from being a 'daily' instead of occasional. When one is trying to lose weight, alcohol is a point-laden pit that adds up quite quickly. 
  2. With my kiddo at swim camp, I don't need to fix meals for dinner. Smoothies and salads work better for me, plus the hubby usually eats a pretty good lunch. Eating too much at night only makes me crave more food throughout the evening. Last night, I was hungry about six, but we were at Lowes buying parts for the toilet. By the time we got home, and I kept the hubby company upstairs while he fixed the toilet, I stopped being hungry. The one thing that I need to remind myself is that you don't have to eat--no matter what the clock says--if you aren't hungry.
  3. I like wearing a bikini by my pool. I hate the fact that most one-piece swimsuits have a high back or high front. This make it hard to get an even tone to your body when you have different styles of shirts to wear over the summer! 
With these three items in my arsenal, I also attended my WW meeting yesterday, after missing the previous two weeks, where Julie talked about 'anchors'.

To me, an anchor is something that weighs you down. While the WW definition, an anchor is meant to keep you from 'drifting' from the program, the reason you keep focused. 

It's all about semantics. 

Since my interpretation is different than the intended WW use, I've been having a tough time finding a reason to focus on my weight loss again. 

So I will focus on an event, or a date, or something that works with me to get me back into the right frame of mind. 

What happens after that particular event takes place?

Well, I'll find another goal. And another goal. And another goal until this lifestyle becomes a habit. 

Because, I got this

Later, Peeps! 

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