No Excuses

I really don't have any excuse for not blogging other than I simply wasn't in the mood.

Well, okay, there might be more to this story than that. There are a couple of reasons that I didn't blog.

Number one reason--

  • Reading. I started reading the Enchanted, Inc. series by Shanna Swendson. These books are what I would call a light paranormal romantic comedy. They are simply too much fun! I'm really enjoying these stories.
  • I'm currently reading this last one in the series. So I should be back in the swing of things soon.  

    • #2-- Yardwork. Though I haven't been the one to do the actual planting, I have been whacking back some of my crazy plants and pulling those seedlings that seem to find their way into the mulch. We've had to replace several perennials, one tree, transplant roses and mini mondo grass that had started creeping into the beds, and this doesn't include the numerous flats of annuals that were planted in the beds and the numerous pots on the deck. There's a lot of work in keeping the Oasis de Golla functioning!

      #3-- Crocheting  I have been crocheting, but I took a break last week to try my hand at crochet thread and a size seven needle. It took hours for my hands to recover from this. I used the same pattern as the afghan I'm currently crocheting, for the simple reason that I finally have it memorized! This would be a 'doily' that many people have hidden away in their linen closets. Let me just say that if you have one of these, or anything crocheted with thread, TREASURE IT!

      #4 --Mother's Day weekend. All I did was laze around in the pool and watch my hubby work in the yard. It was SWEET!

      #5 -- Goldie. Yesterday, the one goldfish that we have in the pond had a traumatic experience. I'm surmising what happened because I didn't see it. Our house is close to a wetlands area, which means Great Blue Heron tend to do fly-bys. And yes, I have scared them from our yard before. 
       After I took my daughter to school, I came home and went outside to replace a tube on the Kreeepy Krawly (automatic pool cleaner). It wasn't until I went to get the knife from the buckets we leave out there that I noticed the goldfish out of the pond. 
       Five feet away from the pond, which means he didn't jump out. This is a big goldfish, which explains why the heron didn't just gobble him down. He's about 16 inches long, and has lived in our pond for many, many years. 
       There's a story behind this story on the goldfish. He was one of three that we rescued over ten years ago! One of my hubby's co-workers had a Great Dane who enjoyed flipping the fish out of her pond, so she decided to give the fish away. The other two simply died from old age, which give you an idea why this fish is so large and so tough.
       Anyway, when I picked up the fish--it gasped. So I slid it into the pond since I had no idea how long it had been out. It lay there. The koi went up to him and bumped him with their noses, but he just lay there. After about 15 minutes--I was working on the pool cleaner, remember?--I figured he was dead and decided to take him out and put him in a Ziploc bag in the freezer until trash day next Monday. When I picked him up out of the water--his mouth kept moving. Oh, crap! He was still alive! I slide him back into the pond. 
       Goldie is still swimming around this morning. He's not as wonky as he was yesterday, but he is alive. 
       He's missing part of his tail, some scales on either side of his body, and he has a dark mark at the base of his skull where I think the heron jabbed him to paralyze him before grabbing him and taking him out of the pond to eat. 
       Goldfish are tough, tough critters! 

      #6 Writing --after I posted the short story on my blog, I wrote a rough draft of another short, which ended up about 1500 words. I need to layer it a bit more and I'd like to see if I can sell this one to a magazine. And then yesterday, I started writing on DRAGON. I managed almost 800 words before I had to pick my daughter up from school. I'm in the writing mode again. 

      Next week is finals week for my daughter, so things will be a little crazy with changed school hours, plus other stuff going on. 

      This summer will also be difficult to blog since the kiddo will be swimming two-a-days, which means she swims from 6 AM until 8:30 AM and then 3:45 in the afternoon. The morning swim will be across town, so I'll be doing my morning walk at that park, which means I might not be blogging regularly. 

      That't it for today. I have to get dressed to take the kiddo to school and then I have to take Mom to the hairdresser. . . and then the grocery story, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, it's errand day!

      Later, Peeps! 

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