First Spring Flowers--Finally!

Spring this year has been late for everyone.

I think this is the first year that my roses didn't start blooming in April or even as early as March. Two days ago, May 3, I had my first rose bloom.

It was a pale pink mini. I can't remember the names of all my minis anymore, some have been replaced with no names, but then others I've moved around. For some reason, I think the pale pink one is called Absolutely.

And another one. I think this once is a white rose called Pacesetter.

And two more budded. These two were no name ones I picked up at a local garden store.

Now this isn't to say that nothing has flowered in my garden. It has. My Batik iris are bigger and prettier than ever.

And I don't know what is going on with my peonies, but those plants have become massive this year. They are almost as high as my arm pit. Yes, I know I'm short, but this is taller than in the past.
I thought the progression pics of the buds looked fun, so I took a pictures of different flower heads to show what they look like.

And, of course, my pretty little columbine.

That was when I realized I had lost my hellebore (Christmas Rose). :-( *sad face* It was a harsh winter, and the location it was planted faced North, along with the hideous drying North wind. The plants used to hang out under the Japanese maple in the corner by the pond.

I have about half of the new plants that I purchased in the ground--perennials mainly. Shrubs and a few dianthus that can survive for more than one year, but eventually die. I also found two tiny blueberry plants (sorry, no pictures) and a couple of Dahlias. I haven't had much luck with dahlias in the past, but this is the first time I'm planting them while they were in bloom, instead of in the tuber form. 

This purple tipped one is planted in a shady location, so I don't know if there's enough sun for it to be happy. I'll have to wait and see. 

While this yellow-orange one is planted less than four feet away, but in a totally different micro-climate around the corner. The yellow one will get lots of late afternoon sun and this area can be HOT. 

Yes, those are my toes showing an appearance in the picture. 

I'm just happy that my pool is plastered and full of water. We turned on the heater yesterday, but will slowly inch the temperature up to a swimable warmth. And I'm happy the bubbler is providing happiness for all the birds in the area--as a watering trough AND automatic bird bath. :-) And I'm happy that my yard is starting to look green and lush after the long, hard winter.

What makes you happy??

Later, Peeps!

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Meg said...

Seeing pictures of your beautiful flowers and yard.
Nature makes me happy.