Weighty Wednesday -- Everything is Cyclic

Today's blog will be a mish-mash of observations concerning weight loss.

The good news -- I'm down a pound. Yay!

The bad news -- I ate really, really poorly after my weigh-in.

Which led to a hot flash last night, and made me think, "Huh, I haven't had a hot flash since we came home from skiing."

And then I put two-and-two together and actually got four.

Okay, here's the dealio:

These next few comments are simply my observations of the last eight months or so. There are no scientific facts to support my observations. And if there are are scientific facts, then I didn't use them to come to these observations.

  • Last night I ate poorly: 1/2 of an A-1 Thick-n-Hearty Whataburger and fries, chocked full of fat, salt, and probably a ton of preservatives. I had a hot flash. 
  • I had been interested in the concept of the Paleo diet, which led me to look up the idea of Paleo diet on Wikipedia--because you can find everything on Wiki. 
  • Paleo diet concept is very, very similar to WW Simply Filling concept, which is basically . . .
  • Food in its natural state is better for you
  • Raw fruits and veggies are better because your body has to work internally harder to break the product down into micro-nutrients to be utilized for energy. 
  • I had been having off-and-on hot flashes since last September, when I started gaining weight again, but didn't seem to care.
  • The previous week, I had been following WW Simply Filling technique. The interesting part about this is that it allows an unlimited amount of certain types of food: lean meats, fat-free dairy, fruits and most vegetables. No hot flash.
  • Processed or refined food is easier to eat and digest, which makes you 1) eat more of it to become satisfied, 2) is usually filled with preservatives, fat, sugar or salt, which in turn, 3) causes you to eat more of it. Therefore . . . 

  • Eating healthy for me foods will decrease my hot flashes
I think I'm onto something, what do you think?

Later, Peeps!

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