Oklahoma Spring

Other parts of the country have fared worse than we have with the never-ending winter, but there are a few signs of spring popping up in my backyard.

Happy Daffys

back corner under Loblolly pines, Phlox, daffodils, and Pampas grass (don't know if this survived the winter)

Sprouting Plants
Crepe Myrtle tree, Batik Iris on the left, Moonlight Scentsation Rose in the center, Daylilies on the right. In the back, Peonies

Hungry Fish
The floating stuff is food. 

The yardwork never stops. This weekend, I need to transplant my roses so the hubs can dig a hole for the bubbler. Then we need to fertilize and mulch, but we were hoping the pool would be plastered by this weekend. Surprise! That's not going to happen. I almost fell into the deep end yesterday when I was taking picture. Scared the bejezzers out of me! A broken neck is low on my bucket list of things to do before I die.

Time to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature!

Later, peeps!

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Meg said...

Beautiful pictures, Margaret!!!
Love your garden.