WW -- Back on the Weight Loss Wagon

Yesterday was my first day back on the weight loss wagon.

As I mentioned in my Weighty Wednesday post, I had a harsh reality check when my shorts didn't fit.

Well, they fit, but I couldn't go out in public in them!

So I tracked my food. And I measured. And I counted my points.

I also drank water and exercised, but I do that normally, so it really wasn't a change.

And I had cravings, lots and lots of cravings.

Look, it's going to happen. Get real about it. For months now I've been shoving high sodium, high fat, and high sugar products into the great maw that I call a mouth.

My body has gotten used to it's infusion of "bad-for-me, but yummy-on-my-tummy" food. It will take a little time to remove the cravings.

It's helpful that I gave up peanut butter for Lent. If you know me at all, this is my 'go-to' food, usually with a big spoon.

One of the reasons I needed to really go back to basics--this time, I really, really went back to basics--was because I had lost all ability to deal with portion control.

Plus I needed to count points to realize how much I was eating that I shouldn't have been.

Here are a few eye-opening examples:

1)  I had a small can of mixed nuts that I had been eating off of by the handfuls. No measuring involved. 
I weighed them into the serving size on the box of 28 grams per serving . . . which is less than 1/4 cup, but more than an 1/8th of a cup. This small amount of nuts was 5 points. 

5 points?  I only get 26 points in a day. Do I really want to eat them when I could have an apple, banana and a Clementine (called halos this year) for 0 points?

Or two hard boiled eggs for 4 points?

Or huge Chick-fil-A salad for 4 points? And I didn't even add the small packages of granola or nuts to my salad.

Okay the dressing was a little costly at 7 points for the entire package. I dripped Apple Cider vinaigrette on my salad, using 1/2 of the package. I'll call that 4 points.

2) Last night I made homemade marinara. I know exactly what goes into it since I make it and it isn't a prepackages pasta sauce. I'll call it 0 points. 

It was the frozen ravioli that was the reality check. 

One serving of frozen ravioli (2-inch round cheese raviolis) was 4 raviolis worth 7 points.

Yikes! 7 points for only four raviolis?? Do you realize how many I had been eating???

As I mentioned numerous times. I don't like tracking my food, but tracking is the only way you will find out what you do eat. Many times just the idea of having to put the food down on paper is what stops me from eating it.

Summer is coming.

Are you shorts ready?

Later, Peeps!

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Meg said...

Thanks for my reality check. I'll be joining you.