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Sorry about that.

Usually when I go out of town I pre-post some blogs, but I didn't have any blogs ready to go. *sad face*
On Frenchman run

Of course, on the drive HOME I thought I should have posted the work we had done on our house since I forgot to post it after they were finished. I posted on Facebook, but not the blog.

Oh, well. Shoulda, woulda, coulda, right?

Last week was spring break for the kidlet and we went skiing in Keystone, CO. It was a good drive--no snow only strong winds--and Kansas had raised their speed limit to 75 mph, which made the drive only 12 hours long, instead of the normal 13-14 hours.

My only problem was altitude sickness--I had a headache the entire time in Colorado, along with insomnia, and a bloody nose (TMI??). Oh, and the shortness of breath was killer. As an asthmatic, it added to my stress level just a touch. If you forgot to breath, then you had to gasp like a fish out of water to oxygenate your blood!

It wasn't your typical spring skiing, when you can shuck your neck gator, hat, gloves and ski with an open coat and actually get a suntan, though we did see one couple skiing one run in their skivvies on day four. . .

Day one, it was cold and windy. Day two, it was snowy and windy. Days three and four were wonderful--I skied with sunglasses instead of goggles!

And I have windburn on a narrow portion of my face that was even allowed out in the cold, namely my nose and a narrow strip of skin on my cheekbones and forehead. You be the judge. . .
Kidlet and me after a hot cocoa break
As I might have mentioned before, I'm not a fan of moguls--those bumps on a ski run, for those of you who haven't skied before. I don't willingly go down any runs that have them, BUT I do like steeps--steep, groomed slopes. 

So we convinced the kidlet to ski down a long groomed black diamond run called Diamondback. That was the her last run on day three. :-) Well, except for the runs that got us to the front of the mountain and down to the bottom. She complained her feet hurt, and I mentioned it was because she had her toes clenched down the entire slope. 

Yeah, been there, done that before. 

On days three and four she pooped out early and the hubs and I skied about another hour before calling it quits for the day. 
On the gondola
And remember . . . Trees hurt, slow down. 
Top of  Dercum mountain
 Later, Peeps!

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Sounds just like what you needed to recharge!!! :-)