I Got a Rock

I got a rock this weekend. It's slightly over a foot wide and two and a half feet long. This type of rock is called Cathedral rock, due to the holes in it . . . I think.

The smaller hole near the top is the drilled hole, but we discovered a couple other natural holes which might be fun. The front left one cascades like a waterfall.

What did you do?

Hubs has been pestering me to let him put a rock bubbler in the backyard. I finally gave in, especially when I might be able to raise some bog plants, namely Venus Fly Traps. I need to get rid of those pesky 'squitos, don't I? I haven't had much luck attracting bats, so I'll go the carnivorous plant route now.

As it's springtime and my roses are just starting to grow, I need to get them transferred soon, which is why we bought the rock.

This is the location. It runs along the edge of the pool.

It's no hardship relocating my roses since I've lost about six minis over the last few years. And I have six to move.

I'll post a picture when the rock is in place and ready to bubble. It might be a couple weeks since we need to wait on the basin to arrive.

Later, Peeps!

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