Weighty Wednesday -- Working for the Weekend

Yes, I'm dating myself by mentioning that I know this Loverboy song. It was big when I was in college, with the lead singer wearing red hot leather pants.

On a side note, I saw them at a company function in the late 1990's . . . er, dude was fat and poured into his pants. Years later, I saw them again on TV and he fit in his pants, but he looked really, really old.

Back on topic--do you watch what you eat all week, but not bother on the weekend?

If you don't bother, then you aren't alone.

And you'll also notice that you'll do well with your weight loss one week, while you seem to gain most of it back the next week.

So, what's up?

Weekend rebound. 

As my WW leader, Julie, pointed out in our meeting this week (Yay! I made it after missing the previous two meetings!) that weekends and holidays make up roughly 1/3 of all our days in the year.

Think about it.

One-third of all the days in the year

So, if you watch what you eat during the week and blow off what you eat on the weekend, it makes perfect sense that you are sabotaging yourself, derailing your weight loss efforts, which in turn, would cause a weight rebound.

Here's a thought for this coming weekend:  Plan a little more for the weekend. 

If you plan to eat out, then go online and look at the menu to help you make better choices.

If you're going to the movies, do you really need to eat the theater popcorn/candy?

If you want to drink an alcoholic beverage, limit yourself to one, and drink a large glass of water before you imbibe.

Decide where you want to spend your points.

And the big question you need to ask yourself -- is it worth it? 

Something to think about.

Later, Peeps!

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