Swim Your Heart Out meet

Guess where we were over Valentine's weekend?

Yep, back at the Jenks pool!

It was a smallish meet due to the entry limits for each swimmer, which was only three events per day instead of the usual number of four.

My daughter's not taking huge chunks of time off some of her events, but instead it's the smaller increments that count, especially in the shorter distances.

If you are looking at the previous meets that I've posted, you'll notice that while she swam the event before (400 IM) she had no previous recorded time. It has to do with meter vs. yard pools. She swam the 400 IM in her home pool in meters, but the Jenks pool is in yards. 50 meters is a farther distance than 50 yards and can add up to 3 seconds per 50.

So my daughter swam these events, plus two relays.

100 Free -- 1:04.60 -- -1.07 missed qualifying by 0.52 second
200 Fly -- 2:44.62 -- nt - 4.50 second over 
50 Free -- 29.59 -- -1.66 (on an interesting note, she swam a 28.55 on her relay! but she was a middle leg and it won't 'officially' count) Qualified

200 Free -- 2:19.91 -- -0.98 -- Qualified by 5.03 seconds
100 Fly -- 1:14.68 -- -0.47 -- missed qualifying by 1.19 seconds
400 IM -- 5:29.76 -- nt (qualified for OK Age Groups by over 15 seconds) Qualified

We enjoyed Valentine's day dinner on Sunday night.

All dressed up with some place to go! Yes, I'm short, only 5'1" when I'm standing tall and have my big hair going on. And yes, those are 5" stilettos . . .

Being goofy.

Later Peeps!

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