Snow Day!

Other than yesterday being Groundhog Day AND a really one-sided Super Bowl, we got about four inches of snow.

We receive enough snow in this part of the country that we know how to deal with it (plenty of salt, sand and snow plows). In other words, what happened in Atlanta wouldn't happen here. Virtually all the main roads and expressways are clear, with the exception of turn lanes, and on/off ramps, but the neighborhoods are a slick, icy mess.

While they did shut down the public schools, due to the problem with school buses unable to navigate in the neighborhoods, my daughter's school (private) was in session though on the 'late start' timetable.

And a I had a doctor's appointment that I couldn't miss.

First, my hubby drove to his work, then I took over the driving to take my daughter to school and get to my doctor's appointment.

I just wanted to point out that even though the city did a great job with the roads, it doesn't stop stupid from happening with the drivers.

I guess he didn't want to see the cars behind him . . .

Today the sun is shining, and most of the snow on the road is melting, and life goes on.

In fact, we're expecting more sleet and snow tonight.

If it's as bad as they expect, I imagine schools will be closed tomorrow . . . including my daughter's school.

I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Until then,

Later, Peeps!


BOB said...

HAHAHA! Typically Tulsa!

Too bad I didn't see that clown in the Toyota! I'd have written him (or her) a ticket for driving with an obstructed rear window.

Nice little $100.00 fine . . . plus costs. :)

Margaret Golla said...

Good to know, Bob! I hadn't thought about the legalities of the situation, just the safety issue . . .which kinda leads into the legal aspect. ;-)