Monday Blahs

I am so sick and tired of gloom!

Yes, I know other parts of the country have it worse than we do, but I just can't take it any more!

Shoot, we still have snow on the ground from eight days ago. This is virtually unheard of here in Oklahoma. We get a slew of bad weather, and then it melts with temperatures in the 40's and sunshine.

Ugh, I haven't walked in over a week. Every time I drive down the main road to my house, I glance over at the trail I walk near the expressway--still ice coated. And no, I'm not walking when it's ice. That's just plain stupid.

Even my poor koi are hibernating beneath the thick ice on the pond. Half or more of the waterfall is ice on top while the water flows beneath.

The only bright side are the little birds that visit the top of the waterfall for a drink.

I snapped these pictures out the window near my desk on Saturday. These are from my cell phone, and the little blighters were very quick to hop around!

From my kitchen window

cropped close-up
I took numerous pictures, but they seemed to feature these same birds, though I did miss the robins that visited.

There were male and female bluebirds and cedar waxwings (yellow tip on the tail).

So, in all the gloominess, look a little closer and you might see a hint of the coming springtime!

Later, Peeps!

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