A friend of mine went on a #hashtag rant on Facebook, and I couldn't really blame her.

Though I did think my comment, #whatdoyoumeanhashtagsareannoying? had some merit.

She was NOT amused.

I still chuckle about it, but she deleted my comment.

Oh, well, her point is that everyone is using and abusing the concept of the #hashtag with ridiculous #hashtags. Overuse and misuse has made #hastags obsolete unless there are particular #hashtags one wishes to follow, such as #AmericanIdol or #superbowl. 

I have a twitter account, but almost never use #hashtags simply because I can't type that much without putting a space in the middle of the gobble-de-gook, and who really cares that #I'mwalking, #I'mwriting, #I'mprocrastinating?

Periodically there are a couple agents which will do #10queries that I'll check out, simply because it's a snapshot into those particular agent's minds when they look at novel queries, whether the concept is same old, same old; interesting topic, but the writing isn't there; or whatever.

But the best take on #hashtags has to be the Jimmy Fallon skit performed with Justin Timberlake.


Later, Peeps!

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