Weighty Wednesday -- Always an Excuse

I had weigh-in yesterday, and to tell you the truth, I knew my weight would be up.

And it was.

This time of the year is so hard, especially when the weather isn't co-operating. So much of the country is in the deep freeze, including my little pocket of paradise.

We haven't had much snow or ice, but when we do get it, it sticks around because the temperatures plummet into the teens or lower. Normally, I have no problem walking in cold, wet or even snowy temps.

Heck, I even have a selfie from last year when I walked in the snow, but I do have a problem with the wind.
2012 picture

The wind chill will drive cold weather into the bitter cold, potential frostbite range.

Two days ago I tried walking, but even with all my layers, the wind bit into my old bones. I walked past the elementary school and turned into the neighborhood. I figured the houses would block the wind as I walked the long way back to my house, only 1.5 miles compared to my normal 4.25 miles.

With the way my fingers felt when I got home, I think I had the beginning of a little frost bite.

So take care if you exercise outside. Don't be stupid, and stay safe.

Another problem with winter and losing weight is that I want to eat comfort food. Something warm, filled with high-carbs, eaten out of a bowl.

I'm not a fan of root vegetables, and though we do have summer fruit and veggies courtesy of South American farmers, I'm not usually in the mood to eat 'healthy'.

Along with this problem is the fact that most of us tend to get dehydrated in the winter. We simply don't drink enough water. Who wants to drink water when you're freezing your tail feathers off?

I don't. But I force myself to do so. If you have to add flavoring to the water, do it, but try warming up a mug of water. I used to drink tons of coffee, not so much for the coffee, but to hold a hot mug in my hands to warm them up. So instead of coffee, or even tea, try warming up a mug of water and adding a little lemon juice. It will help you keep hydrated and give you the warmth you need.

And when I go on my walk, I use the hottest tap water I can to fill my water bottle, It stays warm for about 3 miles.

If you are stuck inside because the weather is frightful, then every time you open the fridge or pantry, make yourself walk up and down the stairs ten times, or put in your kid's Dance Dance Wii video game and dance like a crazy person.

My key words to surviving this winter are:
keep hydrated, keep moving, and keep out of the comfort food!

Off to follow my own advice. I will get my walk in this morning since it's only 20 degrees and virtually no wind. Yay!

Later, Peeps!

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