The Joys of IE 11

A couple weeks before the hubster set up my computer, he upgraded my computer to IE 11. I had a few site issues, but when I put the sites under compatibility view, then they seemed to run fine.

Except Blogger.

Anyway, the loading problems with Blogger have been getting worse and worse until last night all I had was a blank screen to look at. Not a pleasant feeling.

I need to Google this Blogger problem to see if someone has a fix.

Thank goodness I live with a guy who does this computer stuff for a living and he can get my system up and running with just a few taps of the keys.

So the current quick fix is to use Google Chrome when I post my blog.

No, I don't like having to use two browsers. And I don't really like the way Chrome looks, but I suppose I don't have any other option until Blogger updates its site to work with IE 11.

All this computer stuff gives me a headache. I just want to sit and write, not try and figure out why I can't go here or there without issues.

Oh, and another thing that disappeared with IE 11--gadgets--because they are a security risk.

Go, go, Gadget!  

I liked having the gadget calendar on my desktop.

Okay, I get the security risk thing, but that wee date in the bottom right corner isn't good enough. I now have no clue what the date is. I can't easily flip through a calendar on my computer to check a day for my story, or to see if the kidlet is out of school, or find out what day of the week is October 31. The only calendar that I have is HUGE and white and fills up my computer screen.

And yes, that is a LOT of white.

So, I have had to revert back to the Dark Ages and use a small freebie paper calender from an insurance company.

It's stuck in my desk drawer for reference.

I'm not happy, Microsoft. Not happy at all.

Later, Peeps!

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