Shadow Dreams

I'm plotting my next four stories. I have no choice because each story overlaps and interweaves within the other stories.

I might have mentioned this before . . . once or five times.

In other words, I'm staring, and walking, and thinking; and talking out loud to myself, and randomly blurting out words at inopportune times, and dreaming. And then I run to my random pieces of paper and scribble something down on the appropriate page.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

I woke up at 4 AM, with my hands twisted under my neck, supporting it (which was actually very comfortable). I was warm and toasty. And I had an amazing dream that could help point me the right direction on the Earth elemental plot problem I was having.

Except I couldn't remember the dream . . . at all. Nothing, nada, zip-a-rooni, not a clue.

And the dream gave me such a happy and glowing feeling.

I lay there or a minute or two and tried to remember. But it wasn't coming back to me. . .


How many times have you been in a conversation and you can't recall a particular word, or name, or whatever? Then ten minutes later, you're driving away and blurt it out?

Yeah, like that.

The mind is a wonderful thing. I know my sub-conscience is working on the problem and sometimes the answer comes to a problem when we aren't focused on that particular issue.

So today I plan to figure out the theme of these stories. It will be a little difficult because they are their own story but have to link into this greater conspiracy theory issue. . . .

wait a second . . .

So THAT's what these stories are all about . . .

Time to go. I have to jot this down before I forget it!

Later, Peeps!

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Meg said...

Yep, I get those. Dreams have worked out lots of problems for me.