Monday Morning Lagnaippe

I totally regret not making time to go for a walk on the weekend. The weather was a balmy 60 + degrees, but I had other 'stuff' to take care of, so I didn't walk.

This morning, it's 23 degrees with the wind blowing about 25 mph. . . from the North. Yeah, this is my penance for not walking when the weather was WONDERFUL!

 . . . and maybe because I goofed off last week and didn't walk a few days that I could have walked.

Oh, well, when the sun finally comes up, I'll bundle up in layers and take a walk. Afterwards, I'll stand in the shower for 20 minutes just to warm up.

At least I have a plan!

I've almost finished my afghan. It's taken forever for me to work on it. I think it has something to do with the 13 afghans I crocheted for the previous Christmas's presents. This afghan has been a PITA from the beginning. I had purchased yarn to use for one pattern, but I never could make sense out of the pattern, so I had to look for another pattern. Found one, bought more yarn and this is what I have finished piecing together. 

I couldn't decide which color to use as a border, so I decided to do a quick section of each color. I think I'll opt for the off white. Originally, I wanted to do the dark blue, but it didn't give me the finished look that I wanted. 

Yes, I have plenty of yarn to make you one, too. Just send $250 to my PayPal account, wait about two months and I'll take care of you! 

I'll probably crochet the border while watching Judge Judy this afternoon!

Today I plan to finish Blake Snyder's beat sheet for DRAGON. Oh, I still have my elemental series to figure out, but I thought if I could break down on of my stories, then I would have a greater understanding of this tool. 
Blake Snyder wrote the Save the Cat screenwriting books. Yes, I know I'm not writing a screenplay, but I need a tool to help focus my mind as I tend to jump all over the place and leap on tangent threads like a kitty eating catnip.

Theses books break down familiar movies into different genres, which helps you understand the core theme into the story. Blake developed what he calls his "beat sheet". This is basically a synopsis for what has to happen in certain time increments of a movie. It's sort of a combination of the three-act play and Vogler's Writer's Journey. 

What I discovered are some plot holes, which is a good thing! Now, I have to figure out how the characters go from point D to point H without it sounding stupid, plus amping up the tension. 

This is on my list of things to do today. 

I hope y'all had a good weekend, but now it's time to focus on healthy eating--especially me, since I made pizza for dinner last night. The crust was too thin, but when hubby put the pizza together (I make all the separate parts, while he builds it), he didn't go cheap on the cheese! 

I really don't want to weigh myself this morning, but I need to face that harsh reality!

Well, the sun is up enough for me to get my walking clothes on and brave the cold wind.

Later, Peeps!


Mary McLarty said...

Hi, Margaret! I had voted for the dark blue, but after looking at the samples...I agree, the off white is better.

Stay warm!

Margaret Golla said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mary!

I'm glad I did a little sample of each to help me visualize the look of that particular border pattern. I would never have thought the dark blue would look like that!

Only managed to walk 1.5 miles today--the wind is supper cold and I lost all feeling in my fingers. Worse than normal. I might try later today or go with the hubs to the gym tonight.