Learning to Plot

So a few days ago on Facebook, I mentioned one writing tip is to NOT do what I did to get to this point in my writing career.

Writing, like weight loss, is a journey. None of us have the same path to travel. Some writers have an easier path than others, whether it's due to talent, perseverance, or just simply good luck.

While other writers seem to hit their head on the wall every single time they type on the keyboard, stare at mountains of nonsense notes to try to write a cohesive story, or simply are too stubborn to look beyond our own inability to realize other writers might actually know what they are talking about.

I'm one of the latter group.

Over the years, I took classes, read books, belonged to clubs as I wrote my first few novels, but I never could find the magic. I had convinced myself that I was a pantser type of writer, in other words, I had a basic idea for a story outline, but I chose to let my characters direct my path, Which meant I learned about my characters while I was writing.

But after 13 years of writing this way, I knew I needed to shake things up a little. . . especially if I wanted to do justice to my Elemental stories.

This particular set of story lines touch upon the other novels in the series.

So I'm learning how to PLOT a story.

I found a really good website (I'll post the link later if it really works for me!), and I'm going to review what plot is all about.

I have four sheets of paper and a handful of colored pencils on my table to figure out how my stories cross. I could probably do this with my new fangled touch screen computer, but I'll opt for the old fashioned way for right now as I'd have to learn how to actually USE the computer tools.

But THE FIRE WITHIN has a short synopsis, which means that it's mostly plotted, but I'll need to add a few points along the way. I'll use that story as a guide for how I want these stories to touch upon the other ones.

Wish me luck! I know I'll need it!

Later, Peeps!

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Meg said...

Whooo Hooo! More stories to read. I'm looking forward to these new books. Glad you've found something that works.