Happy New Year! . . .and Goals

To borrow the Google doodle --

I hope y'all had a wonderful New Year's Eve! We farmed our daughter out to a friend's house for a sleepover, so it was just me and the hubs.

Leftover spaghetti, hot tub and two bottles of champagne later, I turned in . . . 30 minutes before midnight.

Well, it WAS midnight in New York City!

We just party hard, don't we?

So this morning, I was feeling a mite puny even after a couple cups of coffee, which is why this blog is a tad late.

I finished my blog housekeeping yesterday, and everything important should be hyperlinked under the tabs.

After my hubs persuaded me to rethink removing my stories from Amazon, I'm putting all my books under the Kindle KDP select program. I really don't make any money with these books, but I guess a couple of bucks a quarter is better than none. I doubt if I will actively promote these titles over the next year. I had thought about trying to get these works onto paper, but decided I'm tired of messing with the same stories over and over again.

So how did I do with my 2013 goals?

Truthfully, not very well. Kind of like the way my bullet points worked out .. .  I have no idea how to fix them, so after putzing around with them for the last 15 minutes they will be posted as a mess!

  • ·         Continue healthy lifestyle by portion control, more fruit and veg, and walking--I lost my way toward the end of the year.
  • ·         Live in the moment--technology can wait, but family and friends can’t--I surfed the Internet more, but with no purpose, which means I wasted more time doing nothing than I did when I played Farmville.
  • ·         Judge 3 contests (name, # in category, date rec’d) -- I actually did this one, as I judged 5 contests--to the detriment of my writing. Plus one contest that was for published authors, which meant I had to read a completed book and not just 5,000 words.  
  • ·         Crit when needed -- I critiqued for my friend Cyndi, but I don't know how much help I really was since she has tons of people wanting to crit her work, plus an editor!
  • Write memoir -- How to Lose Weight While Eating Bonbons --  done--short version that I self published
    ·         Write middle grade Kyte Webber story -- Dragon Days of Summer -- Nope
    ·         Write new Adult element story -- The Fire Within -- Nope
    ·         Write cozy mystery -- Chocoholics Anonymous -- Nope
    ·         Write suspense -- Untitled Archaeology story -- Nope
    ·         Wrote picture book--Go away, Piper!
    ·         Wrote picture book -- Goblins Don’t Squeak
    ·         Wrote picture book -- Gnome Without A Home
    ·         Read 50 books--keep log--DONE-- I actually read 64 books.
Onward to 2014 Goals!
Many of my goals are similar to 2013, with the exception of actually accomplishing some writing.
I will post Weighty Wednesday and Foodie Friday blogs as the mood strikes me, along with various other blogs. Blogging take time and creative energy, which doesn't leave a whole lot for real writing.
I would like to write the Mystic Elementals stories. If nothing else, I'd like to get a rough plot for all of them.
Kyte Webber needs her next story written. I keep messing with the first 50 pages which means I'm not going anywhere with this story. I need to get some action started!
I might write a picture book or two, but I tend to add more words than is necessary and since I'm not an artist, these books will never see the light of day.
So what does that leave?
It leaves me to focus on some new stories. Stories that I want to write, not to publish, but simply for ME.
That's it for this year. I'll be writing to make me happy, not for anyone else.
 . . . I couldn't do worse than I did last year when I accomplished absolutely nothing on the writing side of things.
So think about your goals, not resolutions, you already know my thoughts about that term!
Later, Peeps! 


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