Common Courtesy

What happened to common courtesy?

Everyone has a view as to what is causing the breakdown of society. Radicals tend to express their views according to their religious views, others blame the government, or lack of morals or values, but I have a simpler explanation.

Humanity has forgotten how to be nice to each other. 

It's not that hard to express one's appreciation or gratitude in the words "please" or "thank you".

I've heard people talk about how empty the words are because they are used without thought. But when you are the RECIPIENT to a please or thank you, it changes your attitude for the entire day.

It makes one happy. And when one is happy, then they will be more pleasant to be around, which then works it's way outward, spreading the pleasant feeling.

Courtesy and niceties are insidious that way.

True, the person might not be thinking about it when they say it, but the fact that it is spoken speaks well for the person expressing the sentiment.

My daughter was telling me about waiting in the cafeteria line at school. Her friends give her a hard time because she thanks the cafeteria worker when the person hands her the food. Most of the other kids in her class simply don't take the time.

What does my daughter get out of this?

Maybe a smile. Maybe she doesn't get anything, but what she did was express her thanks for the person and the job they were doing.

It could change that one person's attitude for the entire day.

My daughter didn't learn to use the terms please and thank you by osmosis--she learned by watching her parents. My husband and I firmly believe that one should use courtesy in our day-to-day life. If he brings me a drink while watching TV or removes my plate from the table. I thank him, and vice versa. Or if he holds the door for me. I thank him.

When someone does something that they don't have to do, then take the time to thank them for their effort.

Learning common courtesy starts in the home.

But then it extends outward.

Our servers in a restaurant are on the receiving end of please and thank yous.

We will hold doors so the person behind us can catch it before it closes.

On an expressway, I'll manage my speed to allow the merging traffic to enter at a normal pace, sometimes I'll speed up, so I don't have to pound my brakes, or remove my foot from the gas pedal to slow down just enough, depending on the situation.

Slamming ones brakes shows a lack of foresight and awareness, and can cause an accident simply because they weren't paying attention.

I'm ALWAYS aware of those around me.

When I'm walking and have to cross a road, I'll wave to the drivers who stop for me as an acknowledgement of their presence. I always greet the other people on my walking trail. Sometimes it's only a wave of my hand to the biker or jogger heading in the other direction, but it's still an acknowledgement.

Think about it.

It's not that hard to start being courteous to your fellow human.

All it takes is one please or thank you to start spreading common courtesies.

Later, Peeps!


Marilyn said...

Thank you for this blog!!

Being polite reminds me that my mama raised me right. :)

Marilyn, who has forgotten her blogger password

Margaret Golla said...

;-) Your mama did raise you right, Ms. Marilyn.

I think society has gotten lost somewhere along the way.