Afghan Finished!

In 2012, and a little bit into 2013, I was crocheting many, many afghans for presents--thirteen afghans to be exact.

Needless to say, I was slightly burned out from crocheting.

But sometime during late August I got the bug again. Too bad the pattern I wanted to use was totally confusing and wrong. Trust me, I tried to make the pattern work about eight times.

So I gave up on that pattern and looked for a new pattern.

I came across this one, Red Heart's Kaleidoscope pattern. . But I had to make a few changes as I had already purchased a variety of blue yarn. So instead of ten colors of yarn, I had five shades of blue to use.

This afghan was the result.

Yesterday, I crocheted the border while I was watching Warm Bodies. 

It didn't end up quite as large as stated, but it could be because the stitches are still tight and not stretched out.

I have plenty of yarn to make another afghan, but I think I'll make a couple other changes to this pattern.

Well, guess I'll have to quit goofing off and get down to writing!

Later, Peeps!

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