What Did You Get for Christmas?

So . . . what did y'all get for Christmas?

I've noticed that the older I get the less I want, or need, for Christmas. If I really need something, I just buy it. But then again, I'm fairly low maintenance and, now that I don't have an expensive hobby (owning a horse), I don't buy much of anything.

And I hate shopping, which means the hubs usually tells me to go buy some clothes when I need something for a special occasion, or because he was tired of seeing me wear the same thing over and over again.

So, what does a IT geek get his spouse?

A new computer, of course!

Here's my old one:
The actual computer is the black box on the left of the 24" monitor.
This computer is in the base of the 27" touchscreen monitor.
This computer also has Windows 8, so I'm experiencing a bit of a learning curve, along with figuring out the new low profile keyboard.
I like the look of the computer, very lean and sleek, but my fingers haven't figured out the keyboard yet. I have to stretch my right pinkie finger a little differently to hit the backspace key instead of the equals sign.
I also got a new pair of walking shoes . . . which have put holes on my heels. The blisters burst and started bleeding. Guess they won't accept bloody shoes at the return desk. I'll just have to break my feet in.
I also got a wicked looking knife from Williams-Sonoma. It looks like it will be a great chopping knife once I start cooking again. I haven't been cooking because I have a refrigerator full of food that needs to be eaten first!
This week I intend to do a little updating on my blog. I'll change a few things around and link the Weighty Wednesday and Foodie Friday blogs to the tabs.
I'll also be working on my goals for the year. Remember, goals not resolutions. Resolutions tend to get broken, while goals give you something to strive for!
Later, Peeps! 


Meg said...

Nice set up, Mags!
I'm so excited for you. Good going, hubster!
Don surprised me, like always, with an iPod Classic. I had to promise to get rid of the other two that don't work.
I like the goals, not resolutions.
Happy New Year!

Margaret Golla said...

Thanks, Meggie! I'm still trying to get used to the new keyboard.