Weighty Wednesday -- Tis the Season!

Stay strong, my friends!

The rough weight-loss season is still upon us: various parties, social gatherings, extra samples at the grocery story, food in the break room, and all sorts of temptations no matter where you go.

It's hard to resist.

I know.

But I also know that you can survive without that second Polar Bear Poop (recipe in link). One, I'll let you have, but you need to count it as 2 WW points, just saying. Take your time to enjoy the one candy, savor it, draw out the flavor, enjoy the delicate way it excites your senses.

Food will be all around you during the next few weeks, and there is no way to pre-calculate your points for the day. If you have enough will power simply walk away, but it doesn't mean you won't be malleable to suggestion the next day or the next.

And you can't avoid your co-workers forever . . . though you might want to.

So how do you approach the season?

I know I'm not one to talk since I work from home, BUT I do remember the days of sniffing out the goodies in the lab.

And I was good at it.

How would I approach the cornucopia of nummy goodies?

The best defense is a good offense--simply stay away from the goodies!

But as I said that doesn't always happen and it's impractical.

Here are a few tips & tricks:
  • drink a glass of water before walking into the gauntlet of goodies
  • peruse the table--what is the one thing you only get this time of year? Forget the dry sugar cookies or someone's poor attempt at fudge, or make your own fudge with Mag's Decedent fudge. Only choose items that are rarely eaten. Now is the time to be picky.
  • Don't waste your WW points on something that doesn't even look good to you. Yes, if Sally from accounting is pressuring you to try her {insert _____ here} then by all means, take some. REMEMBER you don't have to actually EAT it!
  • Eat a protein-laced snack prior to the high-sugar, high-carb, high-fat gathering: an ounce of almonds, or an ounce of cheese, or a hardboiled egg.
The key to surviving this season is not to give up.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
Winston Churchill
You might stumble once or twice during this season, but never give up, because when you give up you will surely fail.
Later, Peeps! 

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Meg said...

Great tips! Thanks for posting.