Sad, Sad Margaret

Margaret is sad.
Sad, sad Margaret.
Why is Margaret sad?

She's sad because UPS lost her chocolate shipment.

She's sad because she can't make these lovelies--just the milk chocolate ones.

Margaret is sad because to make the milk chocolate lovelies she has to drive around town to find some high-quality, over-priced milk chocolate.

Margaret is sad because if she doesn't find chocolate, then she will have to XXXXX *insert horrible chore here* Yes, this includes Christmas shopping.

Margaret is sad because UPS Live Chat said, "Too bad, so sad. Talk to the company who shipped the chocolate. It's not our problem that it is lost."

"What? The tracker says it left Memphis on 12/8 and disappeared. Did aliens take the truck? Was it in an accident in Arkansas because of the ice storm?"  An accident Margaret totally understands and is sympathetic. She also hopes that no one was hurt if there were an accident, but we will never know, now will we? Since UPS insists it is lost. Margaret suspects someone stole her chocolate to sell on the black market. Retail it's $5 or more a pound. It isn't cheap.

"Sorry. It is considered "lost". Please contact the company that shipped the product."

"Thanks," Margaret mumbles, while thinking "well, that was a waste of time. Customer service isn't very service oriented is it?"

Margaret calls Country Kitchen SweetArt, and talks to a lovely lady called Ally. Ally promises to get on the problem with their shipping liaison, Stephanie. Ally was ├╝ber sympathetic, which makes Margaret feel less sad.

But Margaret can't wait to make her chocolate. There are simply not enough hours in the day if she has to wait another week for some chocolate to arrive.

Margaret is forced to buy over-priced chocolate from a local cake shop to start the process.

Margaret is still sad.
Later, Peeps!

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