1,000th Blog Post

Wow! Who would have thought that I would write 1,000 blogs?

I sure as heck didn't.

When I started this blog, I had named it "Fantasy Crapshoot" for not so obvious reasons. At the time I was writing THE LEPRECHAUN CONNECTION and it was a crapshoot as to whether or not I could get an agent/editor interested in my writing.

I was unsuccessful.

I'm still unsuccessful in that regard, but I have survived many years blogging when many of my fellow authors have quit a long, long time ago. For, you see, blogging takes creative energy and many writers felt that blogging sucked them dry leaving them but a bitter husk as they tried to make money with their real job of -- WRITING.

FIRST BLOG POST:  April 29, 2008

Page View All Time History: 92,868
I can't say how many of these 'views' are spam or real views, but there it is.

Most Popular Blog Post : Tips and Tricks Universal Studios Florida -- 606 page views. Written on 8/2/2013

The most popular top four posts after Tips and Tricks:

Dogfish Shark Dissection, cont. 5/12/11---- 341 views
Special Guest--Cynthia D'Alba--First Dates--Heaven or Hell  2/20/2012 ---- 297 views
Polar Bear Poop -- the recipe  1/10/2011 ----194 views
GAK! No Clue What to Post!  2/4/2009 ----164 views

The search engine listed the most is Google, followed by Vampirestat.com (NO idea what this is!), followed by Facebook.

The United States gives me the biggest audience hits, followed by China, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Ukraine, Sweden, Canada and the Netherlands.

Again, I have no idea if these are real hits versus spam hits. It makes me feel better to think of them as real hits, so I will. . . Don't Burst my Fantasy Bubble!

Periodically, I'll get a couple of hits from South America, India or Africa. But I've also had hits from Mauritania (Yes, I had to look it up), and the Faroe Islands (ditto on the look up!), along with various other countries.

Over the years, I've offered my views about writing under the tab titled Writing 101. But I don't post very often under the writing header as I feel there are many other writers out there with far better credentials to do the job! I do have numerous blog posts about setting goals, which I need to review before this year is over!

I've shared my weight loss struggles under my Weighty Wednesday posts. And from various feedback I've received, these posts have the most impact with my readers. I might be outlining my personal struggles, but I seem to hit the right note with those other people out there facing their own food demons.

I've posted numerous recipes under Foodie Friday posts. Please browse the recipes. I started this section of the blog when my husband pointed out that if I died tomorrow, he wouldn't know how to make a particular recipe! Plus these are for my daughter to take with her when she flies the coop.

I've made tabs for my books.

Tabs for my crocheting efforts.

Tabs for my donations to Brenda Novak's For the Cure

I've made numerous blogging mistakes, but then again, I never really planned to have much of a following. I figured I was just talking to myself when I'd share my thoughts and feelings about numerous topics.

AND I've also been told that I share far too much!

Will I blog in 2014?
Of course! I might end up repeating myself, but sometimes repetition helps with the ability to retain the knowledge. I know I tend to repeat myself on my Weighty Wednesday blogs because I need to remind myself to stick to the basics!
Christmas is almost upon us. My daughter has finals this next week and then she'll be home until the New Year, so my blogging will be sporadic at best, unless we get snowed in again like we did a couple of years ago!
I'll work on my Goals list if you promise to work on your list for the new year.
Remember, these aren't resolutions, which can be broken, but goals in which we strive to attain.
Yes, it's all semantics, but sometimes looking at something from a different direction will open your eyes to the possibilities!
I want to thank everyone who has visited my blog. I hope I've been informative and kept you entertained at the same time. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to click on the Contact Me tab.

I've blathered on long enough about this 1000 BLOG! So I'll bid you farewell for now!

Later, Peeps!

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