Necessity Equals Invention

This last weekend I was reminded of a movie called Robots.

The quote, "Find a need, fill a need." resonated with us this weekend. I probably have the quote wrong, but who really cares??

It all started when the hubster wanted to clean the grout on the kitchen floor . . . no, it's not originally brown.

Some moronic builder decided that light tan would be a good color for the grout. Who in their right mind would use light tan in the one room of the house that gets the MOST foot traffic??

A builder who doesn't cook, that's who.

We've cleaned the grout before and then subsequently sealed it. The first time, I hand scrubbed it. The second time, we paid Stanley Steamer to power wash it.

And this time, the hubster wanted to power wash it himself, while using the wet/dry vac to suck up the excess water.

So he bought an attachment.

Those of you who don't know the hubs, should realize he is a man who believes in the right tool for the job. If he can't borrow or rent it, he'll buy it.

This is why we have a carpet stretcher. One that you pound with a rubber mallet. And don't ever touch the bottom of that thing unless you have a desire for serrated fingers. There are tons of curved razor sharp spikes on the head.

Sorry, I digressed.

Which is why he bought an attachment for our power washer . . . for our purpose that of cleaning the grout, it sucked. Every time he hit a grout line, it sprayed water outside the brushes. We have 6-inch tiles. There are always grout lines.

So he invented a 'doohickey'. {sorry, no pictures.}

He took two small rectangular Glad containers (for added strength, and cut a hole on the side for the wet vac to suck out the excess water, and a hole in the bottom (which became the top) where the nozzle of the power washer went.

It worked!!

We have relatively clean grout that I sealed Sunday night.

One more task off the to-do list.

The moral of this blog is that if you buy something and it doesn't work as you expected, use your imagination and invent something that works for you!

This isn't the first time he invented something, but it is the safest . . . don't ask about the chainsaw he duck taped to the end of the pool pole . . . yeah, I made him buy a good extended saw after I observed what he was doing.

Later, Peeps!


Meg said...

Gotta love a man with imagination then the brains to make it work.
Don calls me 'Pauley' when I start to do the same thing.
Don will buy the tool or attachment that will make my job easier.
Wait! You get your hubster to do that.

Margaret Golla said...

LOL, Meg!