NaNoWriMo means National Novel Writing Month.

It started many, many years ago when a small group of people challenged each other to write a novel in a month. If you want the dets, go here.

The 50,000-word challenge has expanded globally that also includes young writers. Young writers don't have to write a 50,000 word novel, but instead a 5,000 word story.

The goal is to write a new 50,000 word novel in the month of November.

Trust me, it can be done, but if you must work outside of writing, then plan on putting your social life on hold for the month of November.

Simply breaking down the required words for the month you in the range of 1650 words per day.

In other words *snork*, about 5-8 pages depending on font. My typical page in TNR is about 333 words, give or take, since narrative paragraphs tend to have more words than dialogue banter. But that's my normal page.

Now, I'm not officially doing NaNo this year, but I would like to write 50K on DRAGON which will put me in the 68K range for this middle grade novel.

I would also finish it at 68K. I want to do this for my daughter, since she wanted to know what happened after TROLL ends.

The reason I can't officially claim the NaNo challenge is because this story is already started. I'm 18K into it, which is about 60 pages, and I've edited 40 page to get back into the story. I also have a complete synopsis, which is a great guideline for where I need to go with this particular story.

So in my roundabout method I'm trying to tell you that I will keep blogging, but don't expect the blogs my typical well thought out blogs . . . *HA!*

Okay, I couldn't keep a straight face on that one!

If I'm really into the story, or life gets in the way, and you are tired of popping over to my blog to see if there's something new on it, then sign up on my blog page for you to get a new blog notice in your email box.

I don't have a list of who signs up, so I can't take your email info to spam you . . . I don't think blogger can either.

Oh, well, whatever.

I need to get back to cleaning the house, so I can write this week.

Later, Peeps!


Meg said...

Good luck on writing!!! I'm ready to read what happens next!

Margaret Golla said...

I finally finished the edits. I'm at 19K and I know what happens next, so all is good!
Now to MAKE the time to write.

Annemarie Nikolaus said...

Yound writers choose the word count by their own.
The YWP staff this years proposed them 30,000 words as this was the YWP-average of last year. Yet it's up to the kids to decide and they may even change their goal till the 24th.

Margaret Golla said...

Thanks for the info, Annemarie! I hadn't realized young writers had that big of a challenge. Wow!

Marilyn said...

Good luck, Margaret! If NaNo weren't in November, I'd try it. I've written a lot of books in less than a month in the past, but it would still be fun to officially participate and motivate myself.

Margaret Golla said...

Thanks, Marilyn. I wrote Troll in less than a month, so I know I can finish Dragon. I have the same problem with November--birthdays, family and Thanksgiving.