Halloween Costume Roundup

Yesterday, I spent some time retrieving Halloween pics from the computer. We didn't really start the costume things until the kidlet was born in late 2000.

Some are bought. Some are made. Some were worn two years in a row. Some are simply kick-a$$. But since we don't have very much storage space, most of them have been destroyed. :-(


 Grandma made this little lambie costume when my daughter was 11 months.
These next two are courtesy of Sam's Club.

Disney's Tinkerbell gets some costume time in 2004 . . .and 2005. I love seeing kiddo's growth in these pictures.
 Yes, Tinkerbell had to get some new shoes for 2005.
 2006 is when things started getting interesting.
I LOVE this outfit. We had to destroy the clothes to get them off her, but this was so fun to make. I believe we went through 2 1/2 cans of spray glue. Hubs got up in the middle of the night to pound out a copper Ankh for the necklace that she's covering with her hand. The circlet has a spray painted snake he glued into copper tubing. The staff is copper with blue electrical tape. We opted not to make the flail since she needed to carry her pumpkin for candy.
She wanted to be a robot this year. It's hard to see, but above the three knobs it says, FEED ME. Hubs wanted to make a door that opened, but the poor kid could hardly walk in the dryer hose legs that we decided that it probably wasn't a good idea. Yeah, we went through lots of chrome spray paint that year! Cardboard box, dryer hose, pool bucket (chlorine was removed).
This year, hubs had his first work party. He always wanted one of those blow up costumes, so he's a bull rider.
work 2008
This year the kidlet was the haunted pumpkin head scarecrow. Sorry, I couldn't find a better picture because she also had gloves with straw poking out and her shoes were straw covered. Hubs had rigged a strobe light in the pumpkin head to shine up. It was a freaky effect.
Yeah . . . let's ignore me in this picture. Thank you very much!
In 2009, the kiddo decided to be lame. She wanted to be a black cat. We bought some ears and made a tail. She wore black.
The end.
We don't have any picture of her this year.
The hubby is something quite different than a cat this year. This was the year, he went all out with his first foam project.
Todd 2009
He was second place at work--no one thought he made this himself.
Yes, my friends, he made Gumby from scratch. That was a LOT of green fleece and foam! He's a big guy to start with, but when you add the Gumby head, well, he was even bigger! He used black pantyhose for the eyes so he could see out. He also rigged the fan from the bull riding costume to help keep him cool.
In 2010, daughter decided that no one notices black cats, but they do notice and take pictures of robots and mummies. We talked her into being the Headless Bride this year. We found the homemade bridal gown on eBay, and took a kids life vest and rigged it up with some support poles for her body, slipped a t-shirt over the poles and used spray foam to make the torso of the bride. The arms were stuffed with cotton since we didn't want the kidlet to get hurt if she tripped. We used three or four different colors of red pain to spatter the body. The kiddo's head pokes through the bride's belly and the life vest goes around her torso to hold the top of the bride up. I wanted to do a more ghoulish makeup, but this is all she allowed me to do this year.
Not to be outdone, Hubby went as the brainless doctor. Working on two heavy duty costumes just isn't practical when we wait so long to start them.
***Notice the blood on the counters?? Yeah, he nuked the blood to make it flow better . . . and it exploded all over my kitchen. I'm still finding gel blood spatters in the weirdest places. I spent over an hour trying to get rid of all that blood!
The brain is a mold, and came with a recipe for Jello made with skim milk to give the right look. The stitches are licorice strings.
Todd 2010
He won the work contest this year.
In 2011, the kidlet wanted to be a 'cute' candy corn. . . like the one in the picture I posted yesterday, NOT like this one! Hubs went nutso with the foam and fleece and made the kidlet a huge candy corn. Not to be outdone this year, he made himself an Angry Bird costume. The Angry Bird isn't foam, believe it or not, but a large beach ball that he made with paper mache. Yes, he sewed the body of the bird and fit it over the ball. He has a really good eye for the details and sewed his own hat like the bird's top feathers.


side view
Yes, he took this to work and won their contest.
In 2012, the kidlet decided  she wanted a 'real' costume from the costume store. This is what we came up with.
Hubs didn't make a costume this last year because they were in the process of moving their office and he was in charge of moving EVERYTHING from one location to the second location, plus monitoring the build out. The poor guy was exhausted from the year's worth of work that he didn't have any creativity left.
He made up for it this year with
Todd 2013
Yes, he won this year's work contest. I still think he needs to make the hat to go with the rest of the outfit.
And the kidlet wore last year's costume. She's twelve, almost thirteen, and I hope she'll still dress for Halloween even if it is just to give out candy at the door!
And that's our costume round up for this year. As I said in the intro, some are good, some are bought, and some are totally cray-cray!
BTW: I want to be a mummy next year!
Oops! I almost forgot the treats! Easy to make. Just be sure to have plenty of icing!
Later, Peeps! 


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