Dreary Monday, Monday


We survived the weekend!

Eight teen- or tween-agers is exhausting! Thank goodness there was no sleepover. I doubt if any of them would have slept.

I had everything planned down to the minute, so of course, it didn't work out like I'd planned! :-)

We had a couple of people get lost on the way to our house. . . even though I posted the address AND a Google map link. They made the mistake of turning too soon, which would take them into a totally different subdivision.

Erm, it's really, really easy to find our house.

We split the girls between two cars and got them to the movie, Catching Fire with enough time to get them settled with three big tubs of popcorn and various beverages.

The movie was really good, though the ending was . . . typical. So many movies end with a 'non-ending', which means you have to watch the next installment. But the girls confirmed that this movie followed the book almost perfectly.

I thought the first movie Hunger Games was really slow, but it had to fill the viewer in to much of the backstory before getting into the 'real' story. Catching Fire started eight months after the first one ended and it drew me in immediately.

Instead of going to Hideaway for dinner (as I originally planned), we picked it up about an hour after we got home since the girls were full of popcorn (unplanned).

Prezzies, pizza, and eventually cake were interspersed with bouts of screaming, yelling, running, doors slamming, and bursts of maniacal giggling and laughter.

Everyone left by 8:30 and we were all in bed by 9 PM.

Sunday was quiet.

Monday I took the kidlet to school--we'd had freezing rain, but the roads were slick in places. I had no problem. . . until I went on my Walkies.

I discovered the bridge was icy.

 I did the flailing tango dance to save myself from falling, but managed to break my sunglasses instead of my leg/arm/head or insert various body part.

And then my phone died because I left Singing Monsters playing which along with Map My Walk managed to drain my battery and couldn't take a picture of my glasses until I got home to recharge my phone.

I wanted to do a selfie pouty face, but let's just say a woman of my advanced years without make-up on has no business taking a selfie.

Now, onward to plan Thanksgiving desserts and get a grocery list started.

Later, Peeps!


Meg said...

Glad you didn't bust your tail!
The party sounded fun, fun, fun!!
Liked the picture of the icy bridge.

Margaret Golla said...

Thanks, Meg. I didn't take that from the falling position. I took it on the way home. :-)