Weighty Wednesday -- Frustrations

Though I was really a slacker with my tracking last week, I managed to lose 0.6 lbs--and that was with yoga pants on and not shorts.

--and I have no idea how that happened. It was probably a fluke.

I never bothered to weigh myself at home trying on one set of clothes and then the other, I just went with the yoga pants because it's been a little chilly here in the morning.

Six more pounds to go to get back to my goal weight.

Yeah, it's just as frustrating as it was to lose-plateau-lose-plateau-gain the second time around as much as it was the first time.

It doesn't help that the candy making process has been severely frustrating this week.

I thought I'd knock out 5 1-pound boxes of sea salt caramels and then all I'd have to do to fill the 15 varieties of truffles for the next 5 1-pound boxes.

Well, nothing goes astray like a well-laid plan.

I did manage to get the milk chocolate parts of three boxes finished, but then things didn't go my way.

Sea Salt Caramels (what they should look like!)

--the chocolate was slightly too warm causing the fork to stick to the caramel

-- AND the entire caramel to collapse when it dried.

--I made the sizes for the caramels too small

--I made the sizes for the caramels too large

--I made two fresh batches of caramel, but they managed to be too soft, which means they started melting under the heat of the lights.

Frustrations of standing and working the candy for three hours only to end up with about three pounds of Sea Salt Caramels that I can't use because they won't fit in the candy forms in the boxes.


Back to square one.

Make a batch of caramel AND when it's firm, I'm putting it in the freezer for a day or two BEFORE I go through the process of dipping the chocolates.

Repeat this process three times.

I know I'll be using these caramels, so making extra won't be a killer.

It's simply frustrating.

Just like losing weight. Sometimes you have to wipe the mental slate clean and start back at square one. This can happen anytime on your journey. The key is to heave a great sigh, forgive yourself, and start the next day with a brand new well-laid plan.

Later, Peeps!


Meg said...

I'm sorry about the caramels. It has to be frustrating to work so hard.
That's how I'm feeling about my journey to my goal. Some good days and some bad. I keep trying though.
I appreciate your blog on Wednesday. Thanks!

Margaret Golla said...

Glad I can inspire you, Meg! I started the WW blog to help myself, but in turn, I've managed to help others through their trying times.