Weighty Wednesday -- Fair Food

I'm talking pretty much anything fried and/or on a stick here.

Fair food is the most evil, most expensive, most heart-attack-waiting-to-happen type of food there is.

I'm sure you could find healthy food at the fair, but why bother? IT'S FAIR TIME, right?

With the amount of money we spent on fair food we could have enjoyed a nice steak dinner at a good restaurant.

AND I still managed to lose 1.2 pounds this week.

Look, I enjoyed lots of evil food because I planned for the fair.

I tracked all week.

I walked once or even twice a day all week.

I saved all my weekly points for the fair.

You can eat horribly evil fried food and still lose weight--you just have to know what else you've eaten during the week. If I hadn't been so focused on tracking, I probably wouldn't have made the good choices during the week, but I made good choices, which allowed me to splurge a little bit.

And if I hadn't gone to the fair and eaten evil food . . . I probably would have lost a little more weight.

What did I eat?

Fried armadillo eggs -- Jalapeno pepper stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in sausage. My only regret as it wasn't spicy enough and they dumped liquid smoke all over it--YUCK!

Fried Ravioli

Fried cheese on a stick

Apple Fritter--fried, of course

Apple fries --really good, fried and then doused in cinnamon sugar

Fried cheese curds -- the fryer wasn't as hot as it should have been, which meant they were very greasy, good but greasy

Pretzel -- the only thing NOT fried

And a frozen lemonade that actually wasn't frozen--uber sweet

And this doesn't count samples of beef jerky and a smoothie . . .  I think that's the list.

Remember, the three of us 'shared' this, so it wasn't as if I ate it all myself. Yeah, I felt stuffed like a Build-A-Bear with too much stuffing!

Would I do this again?

No. The Fair only comes once a year and we already went. I'm good for another year.

Later, Peeps!


Meg said...

Thanks for the tips!
I've noticed since tracking, I'm more aware of the choices, and to stop eating. A smaller plate has helped too!

Margaret Golla said...

This is so true, Meg!

I become so irritated with people who don't want to track what they eat because they have to think about food all the time, and yet complain when they keep gaining weight.

You have to know what you put in your pie hole to stop putting stuff in your pie hole! :-P