Late Oktoberfest post

We went to Oktoberfest on Thursday night . . . which should explain why I totally forgot to blog on Friday.

I blame too much beer.

The kiddo and I took down our Oktoberfest hats and tried them on.

See? She looks happy here. If you happened to see the FB picture I posted, she was Miss Frowny Pants. Pre-teens think that look is cool . . . I need to let her know that her face will get wrinkles if she keeps it up.

Here's a close-up of my drunken chicken hat. It's too cute, plus it has finger holes in the head and wings like a puppet!

We opted to leave our hats at home.

On Thursday the German bands are not the "A" team, but it wasn't crowded, we had VIP access (though hindsight proves it didn't matter on a Thursday), free beer, and a great parking spot.

See? She likes going to Oktoberfest, mainly for the potato pancakes and the rides, but she did have fun.

Oktoberfest has become a tradition in our house.  Because that's where my hubby and I met in 1990. Long story, but a cute one, AND we are still trying to find posters from that year! I won't share the story with you, since I've been accused of sharing too much.

On Friday, I spent the day with a toothbrush, scrubbing quartz tiles with vinegar. Hubster finished the backsplash, grouting, sealing and caulking the edges. I'll post pictures on Monday. We still need to seal one short wall, but most of my kitchen is back where it belongs.

YAY! Morning coffee is where is should be!

We did discover years worth of crud under the upper kitchen counters. Yes, I clean under there, but sometimes the messes don't show up for a few days, and by then, I have forgotten about it. I need to clean the rest of my cabinets, because I'm still finding fake 'blood' from when the hubster exploded the stuff in my kitchen a few years ago.

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is wonderful. Just saying.

We're still debating about changing out the faucet in the sink (a huge expense) along with changing all the drawer pulls from gold to pewter. And I've been looking online for new valences for the kitchen windows. As much as I love my grapevines, they've been up for 15+ years and it's time to update.

I'll post kitchen reno pictures next week.

Later, Peeps!

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