I had good intentions of posting the final installment of my WDW Magic Kingdom rides, but that didn't happen.


Because I was having to do two major computer scans to remove some Trojan virus that managed to be riding the coat tails of one of the Disney maps I had found on Google Images.

I think it's gone, but it didn't seem to be one that was harmful to others. As it seemed to simply hijack my Google browser. *fingers crossed*

When I do finally get the ride blog written, the maps that I will be using as reference will be the one's I scanned off my own computer--hopefully sometime this week.

I guess today I'll post a little Lagniappe!  I forgot which version I'm currently working on!

I don't know about y'all, but early this year as I set my goals, I promised myself that I would read 50 books. I've managed to read 50--well, I'm reading number 50 right now--but I can't say that all of them were books as some were short stories or novellas . . . and one of them I never finished. I did note on my non-finished book that it was "boring". And life is too short to read boring books. 

And the last book to round out my list is:  House of Hades by Rick Riordan.

Wow! That man can write! And it's so much fun to see how he manages to make mythology come alive!

It doesn't help that my kitchen is torn up.

Hubs and I have debated about looking for a house around the kidlet's school to alleviate some of the driving issues. We've come to the conclusion that 1) we can't afford one, 2) the ones that we can afford would need some serious renovation.

So we decided to update our house. Little stuff, not a total remodel. And if we change our minds, our house isn't 'dated'.

To that end, hubs has ripped out the tile backsplash and is putting in glass tiles. I'll blog about it when the work is completed. He's still cutting tons of tiles to finish the corner and side. Yesterday, he put up half sheets to finish the walls and then worked on the outlet cuts.

It's really coming together nicely!

This weekend was also the kidlet's first Short Course swim meet of the season. Well, she did do a duel meet a couple of weeks ago, but that was more to get her head into the game.

Though she isn't 13 yet, she needs to work to get the times set for 13-14 year olds since the time Oklahoma Age Groups comes around (March), she'll need those times to qualify. Actually, she did quite well by shaving time off of everything she was entered in, BUT it wasn't enough to qualify for any OAG event.

But, as I said, she has until March to make those newer, and harder, times.

We'll see, since she will be moving up to the Gold team, she may just want to survive the longer hours of practice!

I'll be making candy again. I did finish five boxes of Sea Salt Caramels for the winners of the Brenda Novak auction last May . . . until hubs decided to rip my kitchen apart. So candy making will be put on hold until he's finished with this endeavor.

Though he should be finished sometime this week. As I mentioned, he has a corner and one side to finish cutting. Then one of us will have to seal the quartz pieces before he grouts the wall and then caulks the edges before I can put everything back on the counter.

This week will be a short school week as it's Fall Break. I'll attend Parent-Teacher conferences while the kidlet is doing a service project with her classmates on Wednesday. And she'll be home for a four day weekend. I hope to finally finish GNOME WITHOUT A HOME today. I know this picture book has taken me FOREVER to finish! I've been thinking about it a lot, but finding the time to sit and put the words to paper are tough.

Goal for today: GNOME WITHOUT A HOME

I also need to keep working on DRAGON DAYS OF SUMMER, as the kidlet actually read FOR WHOM THE BELL TROLLS and wants to see what happens next!

If I focus the next two months, I should finish DRAGON by the end of the year. It'll need tweaking, but it will be finished!

I guess that's all I have for now. I need to put my walking clothes on and wait for the sun to rise. Once I finish my walk, I'll finish my story!

Later, Peeps!

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