Halloween Color

Sorry! I still can't post the hubby's outfit because his work party isn't until this afternoon.

I'll try to find photos from years past to show you his incredible work in the field of Halloween costumes.

Until then I'll show you a little bit of Oklahoma color. Most of these were taken on my morning walk a few days ago--before the rains came--and whump! All the leave hit the ground.

I love this vantage point of this walking bridge, I'm actually standing under the bridge in the next photo. Little Haikey Creek runs under it. At the time of the picture, it held barely a dribble of water. After the 3+ inches we got in the last 24 hours, it's probably roaring!
The trees in the distance are stunning. The picture doesn't do them justice. To my right is a tree belt that surrounds both sides of the creek. This the bowl between three highways.
Tried to enlarge this one, but I guess I still have picture issues. The red in some of these trees is from vines, either Poison Ivy or Virginia Creeper. . . I'm leaning toward poison ivy.

A week ago, you couldn't even see into this green belt next to the highway, The dark trunks are really pretty against the changing colors.

More trees in the green belt.
 Again, if I could, I'd enlarge this. This is one of the last sections of undeveloped land about a mile from my house. A doctor's building and hospital are to the right.

Even the crazy vines climbing the support walls are turning into a beautiful maroon color.
A little arch of tuberous begonias. I moved them away from the house so I could enjoy them from my window. Frog watering pot--cute, but I never use it since it's too small for any real usage.

Red Pin Oak on the left, Purple Mountain Ash changing colors, River birch starting to turn yellow.

A Sunset Maple hiding behind the River Birch in the previous picture.
Beautiful colors this fall, but they last only a short time since the rains came. We've had a few very warm days at the end of October, that too, is very weird. I can't remember the last time I wore shorts this late in the season. We'll be covering our pool this weekend as most of my roses and other plants are having their last hurrah before winter.
Later, Peeps!


Meg said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the leaves turning.
Your yard is gorgeous!

Margaret Golla said...

I love watching them turn too. It just happens so quickly.