Weighty Wednesday -- Believe

I'm going to piggyback my Weight Watcher's meeting topic today:


The power of belief has long been the mantra of many people for many reasons.
When I had major neck surgery, I held the firm belief that I was going to come through the operation just fine. I believed in the hospital. I believed in the neurosurgeon. I believed the surgery would remove the pain

It did.

And for 21 years, everything has been wonderful, until recently when age has finally caught up to my compromised neck.

I still believe that if I need additional surgery that all will go well.

When I started writing, I believed I would succeed.

Well, success comes in many forms. No, I'm not a NYT best selling author, nor do I think I will ever be one. It's just not in my belief system to wish my fantasy world into my reality.

Too many outside factors will manage this belief.

In other words, this particular belief is out of my hands. I can't make people read my stories. I can't make people like my stories, characters, etc.

But I believe I can write the best story that I can.

When I was horseback riding, I believed I could compete at the top levels of the hunter world.

And yet again, this belief was unrealistic. 

None of my horses were capable of competing at those levels, nor was I able to afford to compete at those levels. My belief that I could have an incredibly perfect jumping round didn't make sense because too many other factors were involved: my horse, me, the judge(s), or even the fact that a spectator could walk through a patch of sunlight at the most inopportune time that would make my horse spook.  

I could believe it all I wanted to, but until the planets aligned, and I was perfect with my cues to my horse, then it wasn't something that was going to happen.

Eventually, I believed that every time I mounted my horse I would have fun. I would enjoy the beautiful animal that allowed me to sit his back.

This belief was realistic, and came true every single time.

I also believe that I'll win Publisher's Clearing House . . . . and we know what the odds of that particular event happen would be, about a gazillion to one!

The power of belief is a wonderful thing, but just saying you believe in something isn't going to make it happen.

If you truly believe in something, it will take a lot of time, it will take a lot of commitment, and it will take a lot of hard work to make it happen.

And so does losing weight.

Just because you believe you can lose weight isn't going to make it happen.

You have to focus your commitment on YOU. And while you are on your weight loss journey you will discover that, yes, you are strong enough to lose weight. You are committed to losing weight. And you WILL lose weight.

Even at journey's end, the journey won't be finished. You will face new challenges.

The challenge of maintaining that lost weight is almost tougher than losing the weight.

I know.

Because I've gained 7 pounds over vacation . . . and I came home from vacation four weeks ago. I have to believe that I can lose those pounds because I've done it before. Right?

All it takes is focus, commitment, hard work, and belief in myself.

Because if you don't BELIEVE in yourself, who will?

And if all else fails, then have some dental work done. . . because I can guarantee that you will not want to eat with a numb tongue, numb lips, or numb face, or if your teeth are still sensitive for days or weeks--food will not be your friend.

Believing you can do something is one thing.

Having the courage to actually DO it is a whole different matter!

I believe you have to courage.

All it takes is your belief that through commitment and hard work you WILL succeed.

Later, Peeps!

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