Universal Florida Rides -- Universal Studios

Today, I'll explore the other Universal Park --Universal Studios Florida

This is the entrance to the second park.

Here's the map.
I tried to find a nice current map from Google, but was unable to find one. So this is just a camera shot from the map I picked up this last summer. Sorry about the folds and glare, but at least it's the most current map.
Okay, the entrance is at the bottom left corner of the map, and through the large arches pictured above. 
As in the other park, the map is broken down into sections, but I'll simply work my way, clockwise, around the map. This park has tons of shows that we never bothered to see. I'll post them on the list, but if they aren't rides, they don't exist.
Just kidding. They exist, but we don't bother with them.
Many of the show attractions have Express Passes, which allow a ratio of so many express pass holders versus standby. The more crowded it is, the worse the ratio is for the standby patron. Many times even with the Express Pass, it would take 30 minutes before we even got to the door to get into the queue.  
Disclaimer: I am simply trying to give the blog reader an idea of what to expect from these various rides. If you have a health issue--I am not a doctor, nor do I play one here on this blog--please follow your physician's advice and use your best judgment
Despicable Me Minion Mayhem -- Express pass -- DO NOT MISS This 3-D ride is too much fun. This space used to house the Jimmy Neutron ride, the benches are the same, but the story is different. There are about 4 rows of benches with 4 sections that seat 4-6 people per section. There are also seats at the very front that do not move with the action if you have health issues.
Shrek 4-D -- Express pass -- This is an auditorium sort of seating, with the action happening with each seat. There are stable seats in the front, just ask an employee.
Hollywood Rip Ride RockIt! -- Express pass -- Singles line -- Must put loose articles in lockers. This ride looks far worse than it is. The idea of going straight up and then straight down is terrifying, but it isn't that bad. I will mention that I did feel like I would slip out of the lap bar when it was heading straight up. Don't forget to choose your music!  It's a long coaster ride, but it's broken up into a couple of different sections--which gives you a 'breather' before the next drop. 2013 was the first year they had the Express Pass line open, and it went fairly smoothly. In the past, we would just hit the singles line and meet up at the picture/video area after the ride.
TRANSFORMERS: The Ride--3-D -- Express pass -- DO NOT MISS! Use your pass if you have one or go during early admission. We rode this ride three times before the park 'officially' opened. 3-D with a little 4-D water sprinkling you. Each car seats eight, four in front, four in back. Front is the best! The cars spin, jerk and careen in various patterns according to what is on the 3-D screen. The front has the best view, but it doesn't have any neck support. The back seat has better support. You can brace yourself against the seat, but if you've never ridden it you can't anticipate the direction it will go next.
Twister...Ride it out -- Express pass -- We did this one a few years ago. Nope. Got nothing. I can't remember much about it. I think you stand while stuff happens in front of you, and you will get a little wet . . . but don't quote me.
Revenge of the Mummy -- Express pass -- Singles line -- Must put loose articles in lockers. DO NOT MISS. If you can go through the regular line, without waiting for forever, do it. Some of the pre-ride stuff is fun to see. This is a rollercoaster. Forwards, and backwards, with fire, scarabs and an evil mummies. This has some jerking, like most rollercoasters, but it does have a good lap bar and neck support. The lap bar was super tight, so if you over tighten it, it will get tighter as you ride the ride.  
The Blues Brother's show -- Never saw it. Street show
Delancey Street Preview Center -- Never saw it Review and rate shows under consideration
Beetlejuice's Gravyard Revue -- Express pass -- Never saw it. The map calls it a Rock-n-Roll spooktacular.
Disaster! -- Express pass -- Saw this one a long time ago. I can't remember much about it. I think it's a tram ride similar to the one at Disney Studios.
As you walk from Disaster around the lake to MIB, there is a wall on your left. This section will eventually connect to Islands of Adventure, via the Hogwarts express train , to Universal Studios park. What the station theme will be in this park is anyone's guess.
Fear Factor Live -- Express pass -- Never saw it
Men in Black Alien Attack -- Express pass -- Singles line -- Must put loose articles in lockers. MIB training. Cars seat three in front, three behind. You shoot at aliens and earn up points. The cars spin and move. This can be rough on you if you do have a bad neck or back, even with the high seat backs.
The Simpson's Ride -- Express pass -- DO NOT MISS. You will be directed to a holding room for eight people to watch the pre-ride show. Eight people per car, four in front, four in back. You place your loose belongings on the floor next to the walls as the car rises up into the air. All around you is a movie screen as you experience the Simpson's Ride.
*Kang & Kodos' Twirl 'n' Hurl -- coming soon! It looks like an octopus ride, with cars that spin on the end of the tentacles.
This whole section between The Simpson's Ride and the Animal Actor's is now Simpson themed. There's Moe's Tavern, Duff brewery, Taco's from Bumblebee Man, Lard Lad donuts, etc. Spend some time and enjoy!
WOODY WOODPECKER KIDZONE-- IMO: this entire section needs overhauling. Very few people go here and it's outdated.
Animal Actors on Location -- Express pass -- Never saw it
A Day in the Park with Barney -- Express pass -- Never saw it
Curious George Goes to Town -- Never saw it
Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster -- Express pass -- kiddie coaster, never rode it.
Fievel's Playland -- Never saw it
E.T. Adventure -- Express pass -- Ride your bicycle to save ET and see his home planet. Cute, if you saw the movie, but your kids/grandkiddos won't get the references.
Don't miss the Party Zone-- at the end of the lake, the road splits with the left taking you to Terminator and the right taking you to Transformers. Throughout the day, there are short shows in this Party Zone. We've always managed to see the Despicable Me characters, but there's also HOP, SpongeBob, and Dora & Diego.  
Universal Orlando's Horror Make-Up Show -- Express pass --  Never saw it Sounds interesting though since I've been watching Face Off on the ScyFy channel.
Terminator 2 :3-D -- Express pass -- Part movie, part show, action moves through the audience. Set show times. It's good, but if you have other things to do, then don't waste your time.
Lucy - A Tribute -- Never saw it
Studio Brass Band -- Never saw it Street show
And that's it for today's blog!
I'll work on the Disney Parks next!
Later, Peeps!

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