Have you ever noticed that when you go on vacation, you sleep better? Or you happen to notice that your back doesn't hurt any longer? Or you climb into bed, sink down into its comfort, and think, "Oh, I love this bed."

Actually this was how we got a new mattress--we were at a Holiday Inn Express in Branson. If you slept better at a hotel than on our own bed, then it's time to find a new mattress.

Anyway, we stayed at the Banff Springs Hotel and my response to the pillow was, "I love this pillow!"

And when you have this response to a hotel bed or pillow, it's time to look at the one you have at home, as it's probably time to get a new one--this is especially important if you have this response to the basic $29.99 dollar-a-night-hotel pillow!

So while I was on my boondoggle to Canada, I had the opportunity to try a couple of different pillows.

The first pillow was the one that came with the room. It was a fluffy 80% waterfowl down and 20% polyester fiber fill.

It was really comfy.

I'm a pillow hugger. . . I think they call it a 'side sleeper', but I sleep on my stomach as I hug my pillow. This part down pillow was wonderful. Fluffy and plump, but squishable.

But they also had a program that allowed you to try other types of pillows. Of course, they called one the Zen Bamboo experience, or the Mystic Cloud, or whatever frou-frou name they could think of.

The first one that I tried was basically a TempurPedic formed pillow.

I hated it.

It was too hard, too unmoveable, too unsquishable, just too . . . too.

Very much like the TempurPedic bed we tried. HATED IT. I had to wake up too much to push myself out of the cavity my body had formed in it just to flip over.

I wanted to try their Cloud pillow, but they were all unavailable at that time, but we figured that it was probably the Sobakawa Cloud pillow. So we trundled over to Bed, Bath & Beyond to go pillow shopping.

Hours later . . . We bought hubs the 600 fill goose down pillow and me the Sobakawa Cloud pillow.

Guess what?

Yeah, I didn't like the Sobakawa Cloud pillow, but he did.

So I tried the fluffy goose down pillow for a couple of nights . . . and every night I woke up in the middle of the night with a sore neck. Luckily, I had my trusty old pillow right next to the bed so I could switch out.

It was just too fluffy. Go figure.

Guess I'm a loser in the new pillow department, and I'll just stick with my good old foam pillow until it disintegrates into a gazillion different pieces.

Later, Peeps!


Susan said...

I've been on the hunt for a great pillow for a few years now. If I happen onto one in a hotel, I might just swipe it.
They can charge it to my card after I'm gone. LOL.

Herb Elias said...

I will bet that we have a dozen king size pillows in Cindy's closet that she has abandoned over the years. now that we are staying at her dads house while waiting to close on our new one it seems even worse :-)

Margaret Golla said...

FYI, Susan, the Fairmont sells everything online. http://www.fairmontstore.com/index.aspx
I may go there to get one of those pillows, since the last two didn't work out!

Margaret Golla said...

Herb--y'all should rent out those pillows for people on a try it to buy it. :-)

Meg said...

I carry my pillow with me. I have neck issues and my down pillow fits where I need it to.