Definition: the act of boggling a doon . . .

Or how about: term for a scheme that wastes time and money, usually related to business expense that provides no real monetary outcome.

In other words, I've been on another vacations sans kidlet. She had school, so we couldn't take her with us. Hubs had to go to Canada--specifically Banff--for a business conference. I had every intention of blogging daily, but you see how well that went!

I believe this picture was taken from Surprise Corner. I took this one two years ago. Though I have downloaded my pictures they are still on the hubs computer, not mine.
Anyway, we went early over the Labor day weekend--erm, Canada had Labor Day weekend, too-- and mix that with some gorgeously warm weather and that equals serious crowds around Lake Louise and Banff!

The road to Moraine Lake was shut down, and people were parking everywhere on the two-lane main road from Canada's Highway 1 up to Chateau Lake Louise. Luckily we had last minute reservations!

We hiked. We climbed mountains. We ate a ton of food. We were spoiled by sleeping on down pillows. We had wake up service where they brought coffee and juice to the room. I used a coffee machine that was simply--TO DIE FOR!

We were spoiled. . . . well, I was more spoiled than the hubs since he had given me a spa day as a belated birthday gift.

I enjoyed my spa day, but to be honest that sort of pampering isn't really my thing.

Who knew, right?

When hubs was at his meetings, I hiked quite a few trails. But I must say my biggest accomplishment was hiking Sulphur Mountain. I hiked one mile through the spongy moss covered ground in the woods just to reach the trailhead for the mountain.

About two hours later, and 8,041 feet UP, I made it to the top. I borrowed this picture of the view from the internet, but I'll post one of me in it later to prove I did the hike  .  . . well, I'll also have to show you some pictures of the trail to prove that I hiked and didn't cheat by riding the gondola!

Tunnel Mountain, which I also climbed, is the tiny mountain just left of the center of the picture. Banff Springs Hotel, near the bottom of the picture and slightly to the left, was where I walked from.

The climb was so worth it! Though two days later, my hips and upper thighs are still stiff and sore!

Sorry, I didn't post while I was goofing off, but that's the beauty of having my own blog . . . I can goof off and not post!

Hopefully, I'll get my pictures together to post next week.

But I won't promise anything since I have to go to the dentist bright and early Monday morning to have the crown work started and a couple of cavities filled.

Hey! That might be the secret to losing this extra weight that I gained! Have dental work done so I can't eat!

Later, Peeps!


Meg said...

Good for you on the hiking.

Margaret Golla said...

Thanks, Meg! It was great fun hiking up Sulphur Mountain! An older couple passed me, but then I passed them further up the path. I had a great time chatting with them . . . wished we'd traded emails--I would have enjoyed hearing about other areas they were hiking on their vacation.